Saturday, October 2, 2010

LOL : )

Taking a little break from LAUNDRY and switching the seasons in the kids' dresser drawers to give you a little smile today. : ) 

Ben age 4:--(We were talking about when he was born...)  "Why was it stinky in your tummy?"  "What do you mean?  It wasn't stinky in there."  "Then why did you have to give me a bath?"  "Because, there was stuff all over you."  "What stuff?  Food?"

Me--"Ben, you know what?  One time Jesus gave me a REALLY good present.  You know what it was?"  Ben age 4-- (grins)  "Me."  Me--"Yes!  How'd you know that?"  Ben-- "Because you really love me."

Me--"Ben, don't grow up!"  Ben--"Mom, I am.  I have to.  But don't worry.  You'll still love me."

Ben--"Mom, do you know why I like to lick the drool when it comes down in my eyes?"  "You mean the tears?"  "Yeah.  Because I like to taste the sugar!"  "You mean the salt?" 

Ben--(Patting my chest)  "Mom, is this your milk thing?  Why do you still have those?"

When we were in the process of adopting Sarah, the boys were talking about "whose" the new baby would be, and I had been saying all of us.  Ben said, "I think she is going to be mine."  Josh said, "No, she is going to be Mom and Dad's."  And Ben said, "Yeah, cuz they bought it."  : )  : )  : )


  1. milk thing...LOL kids are so funny!! that's priceless!! =)

  2. Love the "milk things" comment! Megan said something like that when she was little too.