Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done with day 2 of the hospital stay...

It's 8:11 pm.  I am home waiting for laundry to get done so I can get back to the hospital. It's annoying that I have to wash Sarah's separately from the rest of the family because it means extra loads. I suppose it's a small price to pay for one less thing to worry about, though. 

Yesterday went great.  Everyone on the floor was so excited to see Sarah.  They all really love her, and I must admit it's with good reason! : )  She did get to come out of her room yesterday and today and until her counts start dropping, so we took advantage of that.  They brought some therapy dogs around the floor just to see the kids, and they were so cute.  Too bad Sarah's eye just happened to be bothering her at the time because I know she would have loved them.

Last night, Sarah slept wonderfully through all the multiple times people came into our room.  Too bad Mommy didn't.  : (

Today was another good day.  She started chemo, but so far felt no effects from it.  We took another walk around the floor, played in the playroom, and brought big lego blocks back to our room.  She loved them, and spent lots of time making really tall towers, "clinic houses" and water spouts.  And of course her stuffed purple spider spent lots of time climbing the water spouts.  Oh yeah, and she built lots of hospital scales.  Including all the time she spends playing with the stethoscope, "temperature," froggy hugs and putting on gloves, most of Sarah's play time is usually medical related.  I suppose that's a good thing?

Finally, around naptime, Cassandra came to relieve me, and I came home to do school with the boys.  That went pretty well, actually.  I think this schedule is going to work.

I am really so very thankful. 

Thankful for the first rate hospital we live so near. 
Thankful that our room has a beautiful view, and it's fall.
Thankful that we have a comfy mat on our floor to play on.  I was thinking it was just going to be a month of a cold, hard floor.
Thankful for the nurses and other staff.
Thankful that it's FALL.  I absolutely LOVE it!  (Did I already mention that?)
Thankful that we can take turns at the hospital.
Thankful for the people who are bringing us meals!
Thankful for Sarah.
Thankful for God. 

Dear friends, I will mention this now, and probably many many times.  God is the reason we are getting through this.  He is everything we need and everything we could ever want.  He loves to bless those who trust Him, and we have seen it happen countless times.  I don't mean by "blessing" that everything will always go our way.  I wouldn't even want everything to always go my way.  I want things to go HIS way, because I know His way is best.  Once you understand this, it puts everything in perspective, and you can let go of any worry or fear.  I am looking at this whole experience in terms of the eternal perspective.  He is teaching us so much.  He is drawing us so close to Him.  We can rise above all our circumstances if we just keep our eyes off of the frightening things around us, and focused on Him and the finish line.  Small things like extra laundry?  It's really no big deal.  Big things like a bone marrow transplant?  He's got it covered. 

And so, I'm thankful.  And I am loving having some relaxing time just hanging out at the hospital with my girl. : )


  1. Holly we bloged everyday in China and used blog2print to make a book of Talent's journey home. It turned out great.
    We are standing with you and your family in prayer.

  2. Wow, is it ok to actually be jealous of the tremendous spiritual growth that is taking place in your heart as you walk through this valley?? You AMAZE me! I wish I could say that I've handled my recent challenges half as well as you. I'll keep praying for your precious family, and ask that you'd pray that my attitude and focus would stay where they need to be so God can use us here in this new spot. Like you said, it's not about what we want -- it's about trusting Him and getting on board with what HE wants! Thanks for that much-needed reminder. Big hugs for you, my lifelong sister-friend.

  3. I have been thinking of you and how things are going. Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual growth, I really needed to be reminded that it isn't always going to be my way but the Lords way.

    Sarah reminds me of our M. M was diagnosed with autoimmune ITP when she was two and had to have IVIG treatments monthly, bone marrow test and such. She has gotten so good at blood draws and often plays blood draw on all of us. She says she is going to be Dr. Chang (her hematologist) when she grows up! Sarah has such a great spirit, given to her by her Father.

  4. So thankful today went well. So thankful for you, for your dear little girl and that God has brought you together!

    You are a wonderful Mom- just what God had planned for your sweet girl!

    Praying for you all!