Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our little red light

We just passed Halloween, of course!  We spent some time in the morning learning about the sordid history of the day, and the reasons why we don't decorate with or dress up like ghosts and goblins and witches...and we learned about how Christians decided to try and do something to help change things by switching "All Saints' Day" which had been celebrated in May, to November 1, thus making October 31 "All Hallows' Eve."  It is a day to honor those great people of God who have gone on before us, and we read about George Muller as a special tribute.  Then, we talked about how to the world, Halloween is all about witches and ghosts, graveyards, and DEATH, but Christ gives us the exact opposite...Goodness and Holiness, Resurrection and LIFE! 

And finally, we carved our pumpkins and went trick or treating, and had a great time. Again, it was extra special this year because it was Sarah's first time enjoying it!  Her first year with us, we had JUST gotten back from China, she was little, and it was freezing, so we just bundled her up in her stroller, and came back home within no time.  And last year, she was still in the hospital with that pesky bone marrow transplant.  Also, some cousins came to join us, and that made it twice the fun!  And I think Sarah had the BEST costume in the neighborhood...

 Her dream to be a red light came true!  (Okay...she's a traffic light-red, yellow and green.)  :)

CUTE HAIR!  (Done by big sister, Cassandra)

 Not so sure about the pumpkin guts...


 Here we go...



 Cassandra and Sarah did one together..a face on the front, and a face on the back. : )

 Lego head!

 Spin on the traditional

 Fun with cousins!

 Our own adorable red light.  I could eat her all up. (And isn't my husband incredibly talented??)

 Sisters ready to go!

 Hooray for candy!