Wednesday, August 31, 2011 wonderful second dad!

After my earlier post, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you to the man I am honored to call Dad.  (Yes, I also have my own dad that I love so much as well.  Hi, Dad!)

When I got married, I not only married my wonderful husband, but I also gained the privilege of being grafted into his family. I can honestly say that I could not be more blessed! My father-in-law was a building trades teacher in a public school system for at least 30 years . Each year the kids would build a house and auction it off at the end. He used that time not only to teach kids how to do a job and do it right, but he also gave them opportunities to learn more about Jesus if they wanted to. (After school hours, of course.) He also spent a lot of time wrestling with and working with his three sons, being a deacon at his church, and teaching adult Sunday School classes. When he retired from his teacher job, he slowed way down....NOT. He just started spending lots and lots more time helping Scott's oldest brother who is the director at a Christian camp. Finally, he and his amazing wife just up and moved there to help full time. I'm not sure how many hours he spends cutting grass, power washing, weed whacking, building, and everything else under the sun each week.

He is hard-working (and that is the understatement of a lifetime), kind, loving to everyone, playful, the best grandpa you can imagine, and the best dad and husband. All three of his sons asked him to be the best man at their weddings.  Oh, and he plays piano and has been writing songs! He can barely get through singing them without tearing up, just thinking about how much He loves the Lord. He is committed to God and spending every minute he can serving Him. When I see him with the grandkids, encouraging them to give everything they have to the Lord, and giving each one of them undivided attention, letting them all know how very important they are and how much he loves them, I am just overcome with how blessed we all are to have him.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words they say... Here is our dad and grandpa. Enjoy.

Enjoying life together

Never too big...: )

 Splashing with us

Helping with projects

 Unveiling a big surprise...

 Always wrestling...

 At the zoo

 Checking out something interesting

 Camping and fishing together

 Never complaining that these boys never lest you rest...; )

 Always loving our kids

 Giver of 4-wheeler rides...lots and lots of them

 Helping our kids learn the importance of working hard

 Father and sons working together

 You're never too old to sit on  Grandpa's lap

 Expert snuggler.

 Everyone loves Grandma and Grandpa...oldest to the youngest

 Still a kid at heart

 Time out for fishing

 Never too old to hold Grandpa's hand

 Singing for Jesus

 He's been a horsie, I don't know how many times...

 After so many years, still happy in love

 Enjoying God's creation

 Dad and two of his boys

Simply the best

 Sarah loves her grandpa

 Cassandra does too.

 Always there for us

Letting them know what is most important

No need for words.

We love this man!  Thank you for praying!


  1. hi Holly,

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved looking at the pictures of your dad with his children and grandchildren. It is very beautiful to see. My mother loved your post and wanted me to read it too. You and your family are blessed. I especially loved the picture of "father and sons working together" :)

    My mother and will pray for his healing to be quick and that his health is restored back to him.

  2. What a great post! So many wonderful pictures!