Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family pictures

One of the things on my to-do list before the big day Tuesday was to take pictures of the kids, and maybe a family picture.  I realized that since we have brought Sarah home almost a year ago, we have only taken TWO pictures of all the kids together.  And we really haven't even tried at all to get a nice one.  The main reason is that it is so hard to get it all together.  You know what I mean.  The outfits.  Everyone's hair having been cut recently.  Nice weather outside.  Everyone home at the same time.  No grumpiness about having to have pictures taken...Normally it just seems easier to NOT do pictures.  : )   

But today we accomplished the goal!  And they turned out pretty okay I think, considering the fact that we took them ourselves and don't really have much of a clue about how to do photography. 

So, we got some like this...

Okay, I admit they are all really cute of Sarah, and that's why I decided to show them to you even though they didn't make the final cut. 

And we got some "nice" ones...

The funny thing was, the reason Sarah was laughing her bottom off in those first pictures was because we mentioned that she gets to go to the clinic on Monday!  She is one funny girl.  : )

The other fun thing that happened today was that Jacob got to fly in a little plane for a homeschool field trip!  It was a perfect, beautiful day, and they were up in the air for about a half hour!  (Josh, the middle boy, could have gone too, but he chickened out when we got there, and then regretted it later.  It was really too bad he missed it.) 

And the last thing I wanted to tell you is a big answer to prayer!  Yesterday Sarah and I were at the hospital where she was getting tests done. (She's had quite a few of those lately.)   Some of the blood work from earlier had shown a positive test for what could be a live infection, and that could postpone the date we would go into the hospital.  We REALLY don't want that to happen.  Well, they did more tests, and yesterday the results showed NO sign of infection!!  HOORAY!!!!

So we rejoiced and enjoyed our gorgeous fall Saturday, and  by the state my house is in today you can tell we did nothing much but enjoy the weather...

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow, everyone!   


  1. Gasp! Those pictures are priceless! Sarah just cracks me up! What a joyful little toot she is!

    And the airplane ride? How totally cool is that?! I think we need to join your homeschool group. Although I would have chickened out too. :)

  2. Beautiful pics! I should SO not be on blogs right now..if you could see my to do list! Girl!
    :) Hugs to you....back to packing! :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Love the getaway ones too! Glad you got to escape with your husband before the hospital stay. What a special blessing.
    Addie remembers to pray for Sarah every night - but she usually prays for the "eye surgery". I figure God knows what she means.

  4. I love the pictures!!!! I know how stressful it can be to get everyone dressed and smiling at the same time.

    I would have had a heartattack when he went up in the airplane.It looked like fun though! I know it will be something he will never forget.


  5. I know what you mean regarding the family pics! Oh my they can cause me stress! The kids go crazy when I continue to request just one more pic BUT it is so hard to get everyone together and so precious when we do! I can't lose the moment!

    Our girls were baptized in August. All I could think about was the family pics! (my bad)

    What a great homeschool field trip!!

    Praising God for the good news on the blood tests!!