Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucky girl???

Here are some of the comments I've heard lately:

She sure is a lucky girl!

I've heard Sarah is just sailing right through this!

I think someone should write a book about Sarah called, "How to behave in a BMT (bone marrow transplant) room.  (The doctor said this, and he was talking about how she continued to take her medicines and things the whole time.  None of the other kids ever are able to do that.)

Wow!  Most kids have so many mouth sores they just drool all the time!

I can't believe how well she is doing!

Maybe by the middle to the end of this week you will be able to go home.

She is doing amazingly well!

Sooo...remember in my last post a couple of days ago when I said as soon as Sarah was feeling better I would probably cry with joy all day??  Well, today I came pretty close to doing just that!  Although really more than crying I felt like singing!  I had the old GLAD song, "Glory to God in the Highest" in my head all morning.  The acoustics in this room are really great, and it was all I could do to stop myself from bursting out in song--especially when I was in the shower!  But as much as I do want to shout to the world how good God is, I didn't want anyone hauling me away in a straight jacket or anything.  ; ),

The news is...Sarah's counts starting really going up yesterday.  Today her white blood cell count is 1300, with an ANC of over 700.  That's the number they give the body's estimated ability to fight infection.  Over 500 is good.  So, we are all pretty ecstatic!  If it stays up for 2 more days, Sarah gets to leave the room, get visits from brothers, etc.  And if all continues to go well, we might get to leave next week!  That is less than the average stay of 4 weeks.  Oh, I hope that is what God has in mind!!  Before she leaves, she has to be eating on her own.  Yesterday she already ate about 6 or 7 bites of pizza!  Today nothing yet, but she has been drinking more. 

Sarah only had one mouth sore and only 5 bad days.  And as bad as they were, sadly, most kids have it even worse.  I talked to one dad of a little girl Sarah's age who did this over the summer.  She had mouth sores so bad, that she didn't talk or eat for 3 weeks. : (  What a horrible thing this strong chemo business is, but yet, God has chosen for it to be the way some people are healed.  I can only hope that the havoc it wreaked on Sarah's little body is wreaking the same havoc and worse on those cancer cells' hineys!! 

Sarah is doing so well, and she is pretty much sailing through, and it is amazing!!  Yesterday and today she is playing, smiling, and even laughing!  But is she lucky?  No way!  Luck has nothing to do with it, folks.  Our great and mighty God has His hand on Sarah.  He mercifully kept her time of pain and discomfort short--I know it was because so many are praying!  And I think it is because He has special mercy on this sweetheart who has gone through so much in her very short life.  God is so good.  I just praise His name!

Our prayer requests now are that she will still not get sick, that she will start eating regularly, and of course that the tumor is going to be GONE.  And as Sarah would say, "Thank you very much!"

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