Sunday, October 17, 2010

About baths and diapers....

Well, last night and today began to get more interesting. 

Sarah had to start taking a chemo drug that excretes through the skin, so she has to take baths every 4 hours during the day, and once in the middle in the night.   Good news:  she likes baths.  Bad news:  she has to take lots of them.  She also has to wear nothing but roomy, cotton shirts, and nothing that can irritate the skin.  So, one of the nurses last night told us that she would have to wear----CLOTH DIAPERS! 
She brings in this huge pile of them, and that was a good thing because I quickly discovered you have to change those things like every few minutes.  Overnight it wasn't too big of a deal, at least for me, because the nurses had to do all the changing of the diapers and the bedding.  (Well, the cloth diapers were their idea!)  But this morning when my poor, tired baby woke up after having been disturbed half the night, and taking a bath to boot, she still had to wear these crazy diapers that don't actually work, and take another bath. : (  Mommy was tired too, of course, and in no mood to deal with having soaked pants from holding my cuddly baby on my lap.   Also, there was no way she could be up and around in those things, since they would never stay the way you put them, and she couldn't even walk right.  It was ridiculous.  (Yes, I know there are nicer ones out there that have velcroes and do dads, and fit children nicely, but we did not have those.  I'm pretty sure the size Sarah had on was an infant size!) 

Finally, a different nurse came in who saw our plight and said we could use disposables, but ones a couple sizes too big so that they wouldn't be too tight.  I was praising the Lord for sure!  But I was also a bit worried since the other nurse had said it was imperative she wear cloth ones.  Oh, the things we have to leave in the Lord's hands.  So many things.

She had a pretty good day today still.  We can tell she gets tired much sooner than usual, but still she was her happy self most of the day.  The doctor told us that most kids have stopped eating already at this point in the treatment, and Sarah still eats some, and he was happy that she hadn't started getting mouth sores yet.  She enjoyed most of her baths, except when she was getting really tired at night. 

That little girl is a trooper, that's for sure. 

I was starting to get really tired myself, so I was so, so happy when Cassandra came early in the day and let me have the rest of the day off!  Scott and I went out to lunch, and then he went to the hospital, and I stayed home!!!  It felt so good to snuggle with my boys on the couch watching a movie, and my bed is going to feel like pure paradise. : )  There is no place like home!

These pics are from yesterday before she started wearing her white t-shirts...

And these are of the view out our 7th floor window. 

Blessings to all of you!  Be thankful for everything, including little things like full nights of sleep, comfy beds, only having to take one bath a day, and the convenience of Pampers. : )

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  1. I'm so glad that Sarah is holding up so well in spite of the frustrations and being so tired. We continue to pray for all of you.