Thursday, October 7, 2010


Guess what?!  My wonderful hubby and I LEFT...By OURSELVES!!!  For 2 nights and 3 days!!  Our anniversary was in August, some of you may remember. (Check out my post about marriage over there on the right side of my page here if you would like.)  Anyway, we have not gone away together for more than a night here and there in about 10 years.  I know that lots of couples with many children are not able to get away either, but let me tell you, we felt like it was TIME!  So, we wanted to go away for our anniversary, but the timing was not right anytime over the summer.  Thankfully, this was the perfect time.  I love fall--especially because it is not too hot and perfect for cuddling.  ; )  We went to Petoskey, Michigan.  It is very near the top of the mitten, and northern Michigan is take-your-breath-away beautiful.  We stayed in a really nice place too.  My hubby picked it out all by himself.  It's called the Inn at Bay Harbor.  So peaceful and beautiful.. My heart rate slows down just thinking about it.  We had a room on the 4th floor with a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the lake.  Aaaaaahhhh....When I am sitting in the hospital room alone surrounded by nurses wearing masks and IV poles, I am going to close my eyes and remember our lovely time in Petoskey.  Enjoy some pictures, and I hope you will be able to visit there too someday...

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