Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our night at Culver's, and my Thirty-One party!

So...we have been in Fundraiser-land lately.   Sorry for the very broken record here on my blog.  Even though I wish we didn't have to be there, we have been having a lot of fun!

Krispy Kreme gift certificates came first (and there are still some left), then our garage sale, along with selling some really beautiful bracelets made in Haiti through this organization.  If you are raising money for an adoption yourself, I highly recommend this fundraiser!  They sell really well, and it feels so good to be able to help Haitian people, too!  The garage sale went great, and we still have a lot left, so we will just open up our garage and do it again another weekend.

Our next event was at our local Culver's restaurant.  We just did it last night.  A portion of the proceeds from all the orders from 4 until 9 will come to us!  (They told me to come back in a few days, so I'm not sure yet how well we did.)  But, we had a steady stream of people the whole evening, we got to see many of our friends who came in to support us, and most of all, the boys loved being the food runners!  (In case you don't have a Culver's, that's kind of like servers, but all they had to do was take people's food to their tables and out to the cars in the drive-through.)  Seriously, they loved it.  When it was time to stop at 9:00, none of them stopped!  They just kept taking people their food, and Ben especially kept going until we made him leave at 9:45. :)  It was so much fun!  Here are some pictures of our evening.  We all wore red to represent our Corrie waiting for us in China...

They sure look official, don't they?
 Such prompt, courteous service!
 Some of our honored guests...
 Sarah being a Chinese princess for the evening
And they did take a break to eat!

Now, we are working toward one more fundraiser, but I think this will be the last one, and then I can blog about more interesting things.  I found out about a lady who adopted a child herself, and found that her most successful fundraiser was when a lady she knew did a Thirty-One party for her, and donated all the proceeds to her.  She decided she could be a blessing to adoptive families like that, too, and started her own Thirty-One consultant business with the express purpose of helping adoptive families with fundraising!  So,  she sent me the things I need in the mail, I'm having a party here at my house next week, and all the money she would have made as the consultant, she will donate to us.  Also, everyone can order to help us--even you!--from this website.  There is a great sale going on in July, too.  You get 31% off of any item in the catalog when you spend $31.  Awesome!  Also... if any of you out in bloggy land would be interested in helping us, YOU could host a party through me, and all the proceeds from your party would come to us, also!  (And YOU would get the hostess benefits--FREE PRODUCTS!)  Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in that.  I would be so excited if somebody would! :) 

Soooo...that's what's happening in Fundraiser-land.  I know we are getting much closer to meeting our goal--just several thousand left.  Which is much better than tens of thousands!  :) 

I'll end with this sad little story.  Corrie's caregivers posted on facebook the other day, asking everyone to please pray for her.  She has watched so many of her little "brothers and sisters" leave to go home with their new families over the years--and three of them in just the last few months.  That particular morning, one of them had left, and she was just having a hard time with it.  Always saying good-bye to the only siblings she has known, and always being left there herself.  I don't know how much she understands, or if she knows yet that she has a family coming.  But they posted that she cried all morning that day while the only daddy she has known held her.  It broke our hearts.  We love you, sweet girl! 

This was taken at Christmas-time with one of the directors at Morning Star.  I love this picture!