Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So excited, so excited!

Just a little sample of the stuff...

Our garage is full of stuff.  Our living room is full of stuff.  Our family room is.....full of stuff.  And we have MORE STUFF COMING!  :)  And it is because friends have been donating this stuff to sell in our garage sale this weekend to help bring our Corrie home!  Would you pray with us that it won't rain, because our garage won't hold all the stuff that we are selling.  It will be covering our driveway too,  and spilling over into the yard.  And, I am really excited because it is really nice stuff!!  The kids are going to be keeping the lemonade flowing and the cookies going, too.  When we had a lemonade stand at our garage sale to bring Sarah home, I think they did better than we did.  That cuteness factor does have a way with tugging at people's heartstrings... :) 

I love garage sales.  Honestly, what feels better than getting a good deal?  When I come home with bags of clothes and things that we really need (and fun things too) for only a fraction of the cost it would have been in the store, it's one of my greatest joys in life.  Humongous blessing!  AND, what's better than having a sale, (okay, the work is not so fun--but meeting people is fun!) and seeing their happy faces as they walk away with THEIR treasures they are getting for a song?  So fun.  SO FUN!!  AND...what could be better than getting great deals, giving people deals, and helping a family bring their daughter home so that there will be ONE LESS ORPHAN???  Oh, there is nothing better. :)  Blessings, blessings, blessings!

So, that's what we are doing this weekend.  I hope you have a great one, too! 

(And if you are sad that you can't come and shop at our garage sale, you can still buy some Krispy Kremes with the gift certificates you can get from our friend.  Here's that LINK.  Or, check out the Once Was Lost button at the top of my page and shop for some great STUFF, and it will help Corrie, too!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More fundraising fun!

Hi, everyone!  I'm sorry I don't have much news to share.  One of these days I will spend some time catching you up on what the rest of our family has been doing over the past year or so.  But for now, I must tell you about the newest fundraisers we've been doing for Corrie. 

So, you all know about the Krispy Kremes.  Check out THIS POST if you don't.  Our friend who is graciously doing this fundraiser for us still has some gift cards left that she can mail anywhere in the country and they never expire.  So, if you like donuts and would like to have a part in the blessing of bringing Corrie home, you have come to the right place.  :) 

Next, I found this wonderful company called "Once Was Lost."  (Look on the right side of my blog at the top for the button.)  They have a store with fair trade items, and half the proceeds of purchases go to help adoptive families!  Proceeds also go to feed hungry children!  Our family is registered with them, so if you would like to make a purchase (and there is some cute stuff over there), don't forget to put our names in the "notes to seller" box when you are checking out.  We are listed in their "affiliates" section--Scott and Holly. :) 

AND...we are getting ready to have a garage sale.  I love garage sales.  Going and shopping at them, that is.  Having them?  Not as much.  But, I am willing to do my best to make it a great one, and friends are already donating stuff for it, so we are praying it will be a success! 

And, last but not least, we have an account set up with Project Hopeful if anyone would like to just make a tax deductible donation to help us.  Thank you!  (Soon we will have our bio and picture on the site.  For now, scroll down until you see Corrie's picture.)  Every little bit helps!

Now, a little note about fundraising... 

I know that not everyone thinks fundraising is a great idea.  I mentioned in a previous post that I really really wish we had no need to do it.  I do believe that God could just provide all the money without doing all these fundraisers.  However, I also know that God loves to use His people to do His work.  It is a blessing to give, and that's something I've learned first hand.   Please don't think we are begging, because we are definitely not.  I know that God has got this covered in one way or another, and we only want you to consider helping us if you feel like He is placing it on your heart.  If not, please just pray with us that  the whole adoption process will go smoothly, including the financial part.  Please pray that Corrie's transition into our family would be smooth and seamless, and that God would be getting things set up behind the scenes for the special care she will need when she gets here.  Thank you for visiting our blog!

And now I'll leave you with a summer treat...  How precious is this water baby??  She and Sarah (my other little fish) will have so much fun together!

(And yes, little Timothy there with her is absolutely adorable, too!)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Video of Corrie!

Look what I found... a video of the baby home where Corrie is--and Corrie is in it!  (Only for a second.  I wish she were in it longer!)  She is near the beginning in blue.  She is so precious, I just cannot wait to have her home!  (Did you read my previous post about the fundraiser a kind friend is doing for us?  And did you know it involves Krispy Kreme donuts??  AND, today was National Donut Day?  If you know of someone who might like some donuts, even if that someone just might be you, go check it out!)  And enjoy the video!  Those babies are so adorable, too. :)