Friday, October 22, 2010

So Happy...

Sorry it's been a few days...This new life is interesting.  At the hospital it's pretty quiet and slow.  But I can't really blog at the hospital because of the computer I have there.  Then I come home and it's a rush to see how much I can fit into the few hours I have here.  Blogging doesn't always make the cut!

But I can't even begin to tell you how ecstatic I am at how Sarah is doing.  We have prayed and we have trusted.  God loves to answer our prayers when they fall into accordance with His Will, and He is definitely answering our prayers!!  Every day I wake up and wonder if this will be the day that Sarah feels bad/ gets mouth sores/ stops eating/ stops talking/ all of the horrible things they said that we can expect--things that every child going through this procedure has to go through.  But still, thus far, Sarah's appetite is down, and sometimes she is a little cranky (pretty much just when she's tired, though), but the doctors and nurses are amazed by how well she is handling all of this!  Pretty much she is still our Sarah, loving life as much as she can. : )

Yesterday was the big day!  Stem cell transplant day!  Really it was anti-climactic.  Scott and I weren't even there when she had it.  (Cassandra was there.)  The whole thing takes about 20 minutes.  They simply put her stem cells in an IV bag, and they go into her broviac tubes just like all her chemo, medicines, blood products when she needs transfusions, etc.  And those stem cells get to work making new bone marrow.  I just have to throw something in right here....

Just sit and meditate on that for a minute.  Sit and read a book about the body and meditate on it for a while sometime. Seriously, isn't it a MIRACLE what the human body can do??  The next time you get a cut, watch it day by day as it heals.  Imagine bones healing.  The liver can become whole when there is just a part.  Think about the immune system.  (Be thankful for it, by the way!!)  Your white blood cells and antibodies are cruising around your body this minute ready to attack anything that is not supposed to be there.  This amazing healing power is only one of countless miraculous functions of the human body.  When I remember that many people think our bodies just slowly evolved that way...they sure have a lot of faith.  Faith in the great power of Time and Chance.  Hmmmmm...

ANYWAY, so Sarah got her cells back, and that means the countdown is on until we will be able to get out of the hospital!  No, we don't know when that will be yet.  We have to see when her blood cell counts start going up.  She got her first red blood cell transfusion today.  Isn't that another pretty cool thing?  That if we need blood, we can simply use someone else's??  Some of these things that we are so used to in this age of medical marvels really are amazing when you stop and think about it.  I never get tired of being amazed by things. : )

So, praise the Lord with me, because He has been so good to us!  And please keep praying that our baby continues to see good days. 

And here she is having fun when she is "supposed" to be lying around...

 Light finger, she calls it : )

Putting on her froggy hugs..

 Ready to play!


 Bowling in my cute, new froggy jammies from Cassandra

I think I'll have better chances if I use two balls. : )

I'll give you another update again soon!


  1. Holly, I am so thrilled that Sarah is doing so well--amazing!! She has such a sparkle about her--what a precious gem. God is amazing...He created the body so perfectly--even when it's not working the way WE want it to, He makes no errors, no mistakes...Sarah's day has already been written. I praise Him for your outlook, for your joy amidst the storm, for seeing the blessings through the clouds.

    How I wish I could give you a hug in person!!


  2. It's so fun to continue to see pictures of Sarah delighting in life. What a precious treasure! We'll keep up the prayers; you keep the updates coming!