Friday, March 2, 2012

The rest of our Make-a-Wish trip!

I suppose I should post some pictures of the rest of our trip, even though Give Kids the World was my favorite part.  The original wish in the first place was for us to visit DisneyWorld, after all!  Our family had never been there, and it costs a whole lot for all those we were more than thrilled when we were able to visit not just the Disney parks, but almost ALL the parks in the area down there.  We went to a park almost every day of our Make-a-Wish week.  And a couple of them the second week!

We visited Legoland  It just opened in November.  It was the boys' favorite park! 

 Sarah did not like this ride!  She still talks about it.  : ( 

 But she loved this one!

 There is a huge portion of the park--I think it's called Mini-land?  All national landmarks created from Legos.  The buildings are huge!  Pictures can't do it justice!

 We stopped at the lego store on the way out, and Sarah got a hospital!!

Josh helping put it together that night...

And we went to Hollywood Studios...

 Watching the Indiana Jones show, and we got to meet Indy afterwards!

Outside "Star Tours," one of the boys' favorite rides...

 In the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground : )

 Cassandra part of one of the shows : )

Meeting Green Army Man :)

And here is Sarah, trying to look under Minnie's dress.  Oh, yes, she did.

And Epcot...  but we didn't do too much there, so I barely got any pictures...

A nice little sword fight with a vendor to pass the time while we waited for everyone else to go on a ride...

And Universal Studios...

 Special moment with Dora : )

 One of the hi-lites of the week....getting to watch Barney live!

 And having our own private meeting time with him!

Other characters were there too...I like Curious George. : )

And Magic Kingdom...

 She loved her Minnie Mouse ticket!

 Her favorite rides were always carousels and trains.   Especially this monorail!

And...Downtown Disney (not a park, but a fun shopping area)

 Boat ride...

Another Lego store for my Lego fan boys...

And Animal Kingdom...

 We loved the safari!

Pretty girl, on the way back to our car in the tram...

And Seaworld!

 One of the roller coasters of the week...Josh was my brave boy who loved them!

 He says, thumbs up!

 Sarah loving another carousel. :)

 Watching the sea lion show

 Petting sting rays

 And waiting for the Shamu show to start!

We loved it!

Just going back and looking at all these pictures is overwhelming to me... how blessed we were to be able to go on this trip!  We would love to be able to thank each and every person who gave to make it possible for us to go.  And all of these parks donate the tickets for Make-a-Wish families.  Such a wonderful organization.  Such a wonderful time! 


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. We have 3 boys and 2 girls, also, and one of our daughter's just had her MAW trip to FL last May, but to swim with the dolphins in the Keys. What an experience!

    1. Wow! I would love to hear about that trip! Feel free to email me : )

  2. You guys all look like you had so much fun, I'm so happy for y'all! After living in FL for 10 years we went to Downtown Disney all the time, love it there and Epcot is my favorite park I think. My girls have been to all the parks and enjoyed looking at all your pics! Trish

    1. Thanks, trish! It would be so much fun to live there! In the winter, that is. ; ) We would love to volunteer at Give Kids the World! That would be a dream come true.