Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remember Micah?

Hello friends!

I am writing tonight asking for urgent prayer for my sweet friends, Elizabeth and Steve, and their precious two year old boy, Micah.  If you don't remember, I wrote about him here and here and here.

Well, Micah's story is so unusual.  First, because the type of cancer he has is so rare, and second, because the stinking tumors are not going away, but he has been feeling better and better!  For a while he had been so sad and sick so much of the time it was heartbreaking.  Now, the good news is that his strength, energy and joy have been returning, but unfortunately, the news about the cancer is not good.

Steve and Elizabeth recently traveled to Chicago where surgeons will be operating on Micah's liver.  The optimal choice would have been a liver transplant, but since there are still tumors in the lungs, he is not a candidate. The chemo has seemed to stop being effective at shrinking the tumors, so their only option now is to try to remove the cancer from the liver.  It's a very risky procedure based on where the tumor is located, and when all is said and done, only 25% of the liver will remain.  The doctor is confident that the surgery will be successful, but he is concerned about the time he will spend in recovery in the ICU, since his liver will be functioning at such a low level.   Elizabeth will be in Chicago for a long while while he recovers, and from what I was told by family members, no visitors will be allowed because of the chance of infection.  I feel for her having to be there alone for so long, as Steve will have to go back to work after a time. 

When all of that is done, there will still be the tumors on the lungs to tackle.  I believe they are planning on surgery to remove those as well.

Dear friends, I remember when Sarah was battling her disease and we were in the midst of the fight, the very, very best thing of all was knowing that people were praying for us.  We could feel God's presence, and we knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was answering all those prayers that people around the world were offering up on our behalf.  I know that most of you haven't been following Micah's journey all along, and sometimes it's harder to pray for someone you don't feel a connection to.  But I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to pray and pray fervently for this sweet boy.  Quite honestly, by the world's standards, it doesn't look really good.  BUT...  GOD is in control.  The very same God who formed this entire universe with mere words, and keeps everything going so marvelously and miraculously, who healed our own sweet girl, and made little Micah...He can heal his body as well.  I love how that would amaze those skeptical doctors!  Please, please pray tomorrow as they travel to Chicago, and especially Monday as the surgery is done, and then in the days following as he moves into the scary recovery phase.  I just know that my friend would be so glad to know even more people are praying.  The address to his Carepage is here.  I hope you can get to it easily.  The name of his page is WatchHimWork.  I love that title!

Thank you, faithful bloggy friends!!  You guys are awesome!!

When he wasn't feeling well, Micah liked to be pulled around the hospital floor in a wagon. 

Enjoying time at the Hematology/Oncology picnic with Daddy and brother!

Having fun feeding pie to Rhys, the Child Life Specialist : )

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  1. Thank you for letting us know about Micah, I will pray for him, for total healing, for his liver to be strong, and for wisdom for doctors to know what to do.

    Susan A