Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictures of Josh : )

I was going to post these pictures of Josh with my last post, but it was long enough already, and I have a lot of pictures. : )

Probably my favorite picture of Josh ever...my handsome boy.  ; )

 He loves to be out there working in the yard.

 Always trying to catch some critter.

 We went geo-caching once, and could not find that pesky box!  Jacob, Ben and I all gave up, but Daddy and Josh kept looking for a really, really long time at the end there.  As usual, Josh's persistence was rewarded. : )

 He's always making something or other.  He made this fun fountain a couple years back.

 Creating different shows with brothers and friends is a favorite thing to do.

 This time a music concert!

 He loves Laser Tag, Nerf guns, air soft guns--any kind of gun!

 Another little play in the backyard : )

 He loves to practice his business skills.  Here he's taking our lunch orders in his restaurant.

 Learning how to tie a cool knot

 He absolutely loves his little Sister!

 Lemonade stand...and why not try to unload some of these books, too?

 Working up at camp

 He loves to be building something.

Helping make the fire on a camping trip. 

I think you can see why Josh is so special.  We love you, buddy!

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