Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I would like to introduce you to a sweet boy named Micah.

Micah is 2 years old.  Two years and five months, actually.  The same age Sarah was when she was diagnosed with cancer last year.  He and his family are members of our church, and his mom, Elizabeth, is a friend of mine.  Elizabeth and her husband have three precious kids--Ben is five.  He was in my 3-4 year old class at church, and he is probably one of the most adorable, sweetest children on the planet, hands down.  Micah I don't know as well, since he was never in my class, but he is very sweet and quiet, and adorable as well, as you can see.  They also have a baby girl, five months old.  She is honestly one of the prettiest babies anywhere!  Elizabeth is one of those creative and crafty people you wish you could be like.  I saw pictures of cupcakes she made, with each one decorated as a different Toy Story character.  ALL of the characters.  They were amazing!  And she can sew.  She made Mr. Incredible costumes for each member of her family at halloween time.  The cutest things you ever saw! AND, the last wedding shower I went to, her gift was this wedding cake...made of TOWELS, and decorated really cute.  I have no idea how she even assembled the thing.  She is one of those people! 

Anyway, she and her husband are wonderful people and terrific parents.  Just a little background on this family to file away before I tell you what kind of a week they've been having.

Micah had been not eating well at all for a few weeks, and he had a fever that kept spiking.  After some bloodwork and different doctors putting pieces of the puzzle together, they ran some tests and found that he has stage 4 cancer of the liver and lungs.  About 90% of his liver is filled with a malignant tumor, and he has around twenty cancerous spots in each of his lungs.  The amazing thing is that his liver is working miraculously well at only 10% capacity, and he is not having trouble breathing at all.  The doctors are amazed.

They just found out all of this this past  Saturday, so this is all still fresh and shocking.  Scott and I went to visit with them at the hospital Monday night, since we are all too familiar with how they are feeling right now.  Yesterday things got scarier, however, as Micah went in for more tests, and he was bleeding from his liver.  I am not sure if this bleeding was already happening, or if it was a result of the testing, but it would not stop bleeding.  They could have lost him right there, but God intervened, and thankfully they got him stabilized.  Even now he is stable, but still in critical condition in the ICU.

Our friends are handling this as well as they can.  They have peace that God is in control, although of course it is difficult.

It's so strange to me that in our relatively small church within a year's time, two toddlers almost exactly the same age were diagnosed with cancer.  We never know exactly why we have to go through certain things, but I am happy that we have already walked this cancer road, and we are able to walk through it with our friends, knowing to some extent what they are going through.  I hope and pray that we will be able to be an encouragement to them.

Please pray for sweet little Micah!  He really needs a miracle, and God can certainly give him one!  We have seen Him do wonders in  Sarah's life, and we are waiting to watch Him do them again.  The name of Micah's Carepage is "Watch Him Work."  I love that! 

Thanks for praying, friends.