Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week

This week we went to Family Camp.  We had a wonderful time together, enjoyed each other's company, and loved having Sarah there to have fun the whole week, since last year we had doctor appointments part of the time.

And this week, while we were celebrating our family being all together, our sweet little buddy, Micah, went home to be with Jesus.

Dear friends, it has been one emotional week for me. 

Micah went in for his surgery, and so many were praying.  The surgery went very well, although the surgeon found when he went in there, that things were worse than he had originally thought.  He had to put in an artificial artery, since Micah's was so full of cancer, he had to delicately work around some tiny new ones that the body had started creating (isn't the human body incredible??  Hmmm...I wonder what kind of crazy, miracle mutation could have caused that in the evolutionary process...)  And he ended up needing a whole lot of blood.  But after all was said and done, the surgery was a success, and all the cancer in the liver was gone.  We heard the news and rejoiced, praying that all would be well as the scary recovery time began.

But, so sadly, all was not well.  Micah did not stay with us even until the sun came up the next day.  There were some complications, and his family had to say good-bye.

First, let me tell you that his family is doing well.  They know the Lord, He is definitely comforting them and helping them through this, and today at the funeral, I could see that they are making it through. 

I am just struggling to make sense out of something that simply doesn't make sense to me at all. 

Why did God allow two 2-year-olds in one relatively small church to both have rare types of cancer within a year's time?
And why did God leave one family with a beautiful story that ended in healing, and the other family with empty arms? 

We will never know the answers until we join Micah in heaven someday, but one thing we do know is that Micah is healed.  God answered all of our prayers in the best way, even though it definitely doesn't seem like the best way to us.  We know it is best because God is only good, always loving, and ALWAYS has what will ultimately be best for us in His plan.  Once more, we just have to trust Him.

I took a walk around my neighborhood tonight.  It was a beautiful evening, after a storm. A soft breeze was blowing, the clouds were tinted pink, the trees were dark green silhouettes against the dusky sky, and the fireflies were just starting their nightly show.  And as I breathed in that sweet, fresh air, I thought about Micah, and about Steve and Elizabeth, and I remembered again how much God loves us. 

Good bye, precious little Micah.  We will see you soon.

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  1. So so terribly sad. :( We are keeping the family in our prayers!