Friday, March 11, 2011

Normal stuff, and an update about Micah

First of all, if you are wondering what's new with us...nothing much.   : )  We are excited it is almost SPRING,!  Cassandra is working, working, working, the bigger boys are playing homeschool basketball, the littlest boy is in gymnastics (and no, it is not girly....)  He LOVES it, and he is really, really good at it, and Sarah is a wrecking ball--getting into everything she can get her little hands on, and making our house a mess every single day.  : )  And you know what?  I love it!  Seeing her trail of odds and ends everywhere around the house just reminds me that we are spending lots and lots of time at HOME.  God is so good.  Even messes are a blessing.  However,  I'm not sure what it is, but our little sweetie is becoming little Miss Whiny more often these days.  Yeah...we are nipping this new pastime in the bud, because whininess is one little habit that drives me up the wall.  I guess we are all sinners at heart.  Even our precious Sarah.

" some paint on my sleeve, Mom."  : )

Well, she's a keeper when she's sweetly painting, and when she is not so sweetly whining.  So very thankful for every single day!  And check out that head of hair!  I went out and got some supplies to make some pretty headbands today. : )

Secondly, a friend of mine who reads my blog called me the other day to ask some questions about little Micah, so I thought I would clarify some things for others who might be wondering.

I copied this bit of info from a post written by a family member:

 The type of liver cancer Micah has is called natal hepatoblastoma.  Only about one hundred children in the United States are diagnosed with this type of cancer each year.  Most cases occur in children between the ages of two months and three years old. Seventy percent of the liver tumors are not diagnosed until the cancer has progressed to stage three or four.  Only one to two percent of cancers in children are liver cancer.  This specific cancer is so rare that very few studies have been done to find causes of the disease.

Micah's mom told me that the biggest scare is not necessarily the cancer that is in the liver, since surgery or a liver transplant could be possible.  What is most concerning are the spots on the lungs.  She said that they are going to treat the tumors with chemo, but if they do not all go away, Micah will not be able to get a liver transplant, since they will not give a healthy liver to a child with sick lungs.  I do not know if there would be a plan B if the chemo does not take care of those tumors in the lungs, so that is a huge prayer request!

Steve and Elizabeth are doing really well.  They are handling this with faith and trust in God, and He is rewarding them with the supernatural peace that I know so well.  God truly does give us the grace to get through the circumstances He brings into our lives.  Life on this earth is just plain hard sometimes, but God is only good, and He loves to show us who He really is.  Please continue to pray for them.  It truly does make all the difference!

Micah made it through the rough week, and now he's been resting. They have weaned him off the ventilator, and he only needs a little oxygen now. They are going to let him rest and get stronger through the weekend, and then they plan to start chemo on Monday.  We are continuing to pray for a miracle for him!

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