Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In everything give thanks....


Have you heard that word much lately? 

Our daughter, our friend, and now our precious father-in-law....have heard that they have these ugly cells lurking in their body. 

Two Sundays ago, my father-in-law went to the ER with severe stomach pains.  A CT scan showed enlarged lymph nodes behind his stomach.  They hoped it might be an infection, but the doctors were almost certain it was cancer.  That Tuesday he had a biopsy, and yesterday he had an appointment with an oncologist confirming that he does indeed have Lymphoma.  It is at an advanced stage, but thankfully, they are saying it is highly treatable. we go again. 

I am left wondering, what in the world is going on with all this cancer?  I've heard it said, well, people are living longer now, so that is why we are seeing more cases.  But these cases are not in really old people! Most cases of cancer I've heard about lately are people that are really not old at all.

Maybe the devil has asked permission if he can use it to wreak havoc, and God has said yes...knowing that He can use it in amazing ways to draw people closer to Him. 

I have no idea.  But what I do know is, no matter what is the cause of all this cancer everywhere, God has already used it in my life so profoundly.  With each new diagnosis I hear, I am reminded how very much we NEED God.  We can think we have it all together.  Make our plans, go about our busy lives, keep all the plates spinning...and so easily forget that quite literally, we can do nothing without Him.  He will never show us His power if we are always contentedly relying on our own puny selves to make it through.  Especially here in cushy America, we are in desperate need of reminders of who is the real Source of power.  We honestly and truly need HIM. 

On facebook today, one of my friends reminded me that we are called to be thankful for EVERYTHING.  Even cancer, cancer, and cancer again is something to be thankful for when it keeps us on our knees, leaving it in the ultimate Healer's hands once again.  He is so worthy of all our praise.  I will admit, I did question Him.  I can't understand for the life of me why He would choose one of the most loved, most godly men on this earth to battle this awful disease.  But we do not have to understand. 

We only have to trust.

We are praying for our beloved father and grandpa and our dear mom and grandma.  If only you could meet them,  you would know how blessed we are to have them, and honestly, how blessed is everyone who knows them or who is touched by their lives in some way.  Please pray for them and our whole family as we stand together with our sweet Jesus to fight cancer again.

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of  God in Christ Jesus, concerning you.-- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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  1. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. When we are weak, HE is strong.