Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

In case you have not figured it out by now, I really love the Lord.  I want to love Jesus so much and to be so filled by His Spirit, that He just overflows and blesses others through me.  I want to share with others how He changed my life, and how He will change their's too.  I want to use my talents for Him, and truly live my life with gusto for Him--giving generously, and going wherever He leads.

The problem is, I'm a grown up, and sometimes all these years of living on this earth have clouded my thinking.  Fears and inhibitions sometimes stop me from saying things I want to say, or giving the way I would like to.  Sometimes I am afraid that something I do for God might turn out silly or I might look foolish, or it might turn out badly for our family--so I don't do it.  Sometimes, I do not have faith that God will answer my prayers.  Sometimes, sadly....being a grown up just gets in the way of my dreams of living for God.  I continually need Him to help me overcome these doubts and fears that too often plague me.

And then, there are my children.  I know kids have a long way to go in some areas, but in some ways I'm afraid to say they leave us in the dust.  Sometimes I think that if kids had the resources we do--money and transportation, etc.,  they might do a better job of reaching our lost world! 

For example, my nine year old, Josh, decided the other day that he needed to lead his friend across the street to the Lord.  So he got his Bible, headed over there, struck up that conversation, and shared Jesus with that little boy.  And he did accept Jesus as his Savior! : )  Josh was so excited about it, he was telling me that night he wished he had MORE friends who did not know Jesus.   And, he continually reminds me that I need to get together with his friend's mom, and invite them to church with us.  Never mind that I don't know them very well.

And, last night before bed I was reading the boys a true story about a little girl who spent her spare time passing out tracts and Bibles to people.  With a sweet smile, she bravely gave a man who was drunk a gospel of John.  He took it and read it, and it changed his life.  He accepted Christ, and ended up serving in a church from then on.  After I finished that story, my six year old said, with conviction, "Mom, that's what I want my job to be--while I'm a kid!"

Kids get it.  They understand the mission, and they know God will equip them.  If God says it, then we should do it!  It makes total sense that God says we need to be like a child in order to enter into His Kingdom.  Such perfect faith, untainted by years of the world and the devil crowding his lies into our minds.

Here are the lyrics to a song Josh wrote earlier this year.  I think you will like it...

I will remember You, even in the darkest time.
I will remember You, every hour of the day.
I will remember You as I sing this song,
'Cause You are the Ruler of the earth.

And I will praise You,
And I will never be scared with You, Lord.
I sleep silently every night, with You.
Oh how I love You all the day.
You make me a room to stay every night.
You give me water and food.
Oh how I love You.

I'll sing Your praises.
You will always be my God.
You give us blessings every day.
You are the one and only God,
And how I love You.

Let's pray that God will make us a little more like children this year.  What do you think?


  1. Wow! He is a special little guy!

  2. that is so precious and special! You are training your kids right! :)