Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy birthday, Sarah!!! Our miracle girl!!!!

Our precious Sarah turned 3 today!!  She was pretty excited that it was her birthday, let me tell you.  She was going to eat cake, and she mastered the act of putting up 3 fingers to tell you how old she is.  This has been a mighty big year for our girl.  She learned almost all of the letters and their sounds, all of the major shapes, the numbers by sight, and how to count to 20 with hardly any mistakes.  She can count to ten in Mandarin Chinese, which she learned with barely any effort at all, and pretty much mastered the art of using chopsticks!  At the beginning of this year, she didn't really sing songs, she mostly just made us sing them, and she followed along with the motions.  NOW...just listen to her.  She can sing most of them all by heart.  She is speaking in full sentences, pottying on the potty chair, running and jumping, and trying to skip.  She does puzzles like a pro, and can diaper a baby doll like a regular little mommy.  She is THREE!  And she learned all of this stuff while spending probably 1/3 of the year in the hospital and the clinic.  Beat that!

Please join us in wishing a happy birthday to our amazing little shining star...We love that little peanut so much!

Last year...she was not too sure about this, maybe?

February.  Such a tiny little thing

March.  Check out my new bike!

April.  Hanging out at camp

May.  She got a new prosthetic eye, but it didn't fit, and we didn't know why.  Yet.  : (


June--Reunited with brothers after her first chemo/hospital stay

July.  Fun at the park!

August.  Surgery.  Still smiling!

September.  Camping!

 October.  Playing outside before the long hospital stay

November.  Home again!

December.  Pretty Princess

Birthday Girl!! 

I'm Three today!!


  1. Oh my! Such a beautiful, precious girl. Happy birthday, little one!

  2. Happy belated birthday, sweet Sarah!