Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be a blessing and get something beautiful...

I would like you all to know about a friend of mine named Lori.

I have never met Lori in person, but I have gotten to know her from her blog and emails.  And I just love that lady!  Not only is she really fun and pretty hilarious, but she really loves the Lord with all her heart, and she and her family have a huge heart--especially for orphans.  They have already adopted two girls from China:  one they brought home a few years ago as a little thing, I think when she was three years old, and the other one, they just brought home in '09, right before we got Sarah.  She was 13 when they got her.  Both of these girls are beautiful blessings!  Lori and her hubby already had two teenaged sons.  NOW, they are getting ready to go to China again, this time to bring home not one, but TWO more sons!  A little one and another teenager!  I think you will agree with me that my friend Lori and her hubby are pretty special people.  I am so excited for them!   If you would like to check out her blog, it's right HERE.

I am sure that you have heard that international adoptions cost money.  Quite a lot of it.  Many of us have a heart for orphans and would love to see them find families, but we just can't adopt right now for whatever reason.  Giving toward someone else's adoption is a fantastic way to invest in something that is so close to God's heart. 

There is a lady named Sharla who makes and sells really beautiful jewelry for good causes, and she is doing a special fundraiser for Lori!  From now until the end of February, when you purchase one of her creations, a portion of the money goes toward Lori's adoption fund.  So, it's a win, win, win situation!  Lori's family, her two new boys, and YOU get a big blessing!  You can check out Sharla's jewelry HERE.   There is also a link to the site on the right side of my page, just down a little ways. 

Happy shopping!  Let's keep loving and giving and adopting until there are NO MORE ORPHANS!

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