Friday, January 14, 2011

Just for fun...

Hi there!  Sorry if you have been waiting for me to get back on here.  I've been slacking. : )

Jacob is 11 now, and these little quotes are all from when he was about 3 and 4 years old, but still, they are hilarious, so here you go:

"Mommy, I could squeeze very hard and go in your mouth, and go down and look at your bones.  You could go too!  You could just take off your head, and go down.  I would put a ladder down there so you wouldn't get hurt."  Honestly, I have NO IDEA where he came up with this stuff!

"Mommy, say, 'Hi, Jacob.'  Don't call me Sweetie, or Honey, or, What else do you call me?"

Me:  "Jacob, do you see how you're acting?"  "No, I can't see my whole self at the same time!"

He was doing something with his mouth that sounded kind of like a whistle...  "Mommy, we should put a sign on our house.  You could paint it and we can read it.  It says, 'Whistling Boy.'"

"Someday, Josh is going to turn into something....a real boy like me!"

We were riding home at night--  "It's like we're under hair.  And then in the morning someone cuts the hair."  ???

"Scott built the boys a fort for their Rescue Heroes.  Jacob yelled, "Daddy--You're the best maker!"

"Mom, are you really Jesus?  Because your hair looks like Jesus." 

We visited a different church and he commented about the pastor, "I thought he was the president.  The president of the Bush."

He would always say, "Mommy, guess what?  I love you.  And guess what else comes with it?"  And he'd give me a kiss. : )