Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!! It's nice to have you join me!!

I have a nifty little gadget on the side of my blog.  It's not really important, but it's cool!  It tells me when someone visits my blog and roughly where they are from.  So I can see that people from:

New Jersey,
New York,
North Carolina,
and Texas
and MORE...

come and read, or at least stop by and and my blog.  I think that is awesome!  And I know I don't know people in all those places, so I love it that people are finding us and taking the time to catch up on what is going on with our little family, and I know that many of you are probably praying for us and Sarah.  Thank you so much!

And just so you know, I am really a people person, and enjoy two-way conversations.  So, if you would ever like to just leave a little comment saying howdy and introduce yourself, I would love that!  Then I would feel more connected to you, and not so much like I am writing a newspaper.  : )  And then maybe I could find your blog too if you have one. 

And again, thanks for reading!  I feel really honored and blessed to have so many people that I don't even know taking the time to visit. 

(And by the way, Sarah is doing fine after her chemo, and I think maybe even doing a little better with her eye pain.  You can keep praying about that because it's been hard for us to watch her having trouble.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is almost creepy to me that I see SO MANY people on my blog but yet only a handful leave a comment. It's like someone being in your living room but not telling you they're there. Kinda weird to me sometimes. :)

    Go to to track your readers even more!

  2. Lol, Lori! Yes, it is kind of like that! : )

  3. Lori- sorry..I visit you way more than I comment. But you don't comment on mine and I know you've visited! :)
    Sometimes I am in a hurry :)
    Holly- Hello. My name is Holly too and I love orphans :) I love watching them become sons and daughters. I love HIV+ orhpans muchly :)
    I love Candace in EE and I love Reece's Rainbow and their ministry! I love China and my amazing mountain moving GOD who has made me a mother again through adoption!
    (I know you know all this!)

  4. I'm trying really hard to learn to comment. Lurking is so much more comfortable!

  5. Hey there, I hail from WA! Just found your blog. The Lord bless your little one with health and good sight in her eye.

    We are adopting twins domestically.