Saturday, September 18, 2010


After a busy summer, filled mostly with appointments we would rather not have had to attend, we finally had a week when chemo effects were pretty much done, and we could go ON A VACATION, just our family, for 5 days!  Well, sadly without Cassandra because she just happened to get a job and had to start the very week we were leaving.  It figures.  Oh well.  We survived without her, even though we missed her, and I'm sure the money she made mostly made up for any sad feelings on her part.

So, we went camping in Ludington, MI.  It's a really beautiful area, and the weather was up and down, but mostly good, and we were very thankful.

I am in a fog today, some from the cold I have, some from exhaustion that a week of camping brings on, and some from the knowledge of the piles of laundry I am so not looking forward to.  But, so thankful to be home!

It was Sarah's first week of camping.  At first she wasn't sure about sleeping in the trailer, but she did just fine.  She is such a little honey.  Just squeezing every drop out of life. I am so glad she was feeling well and happy!

Little update about cancer related issues:  Sarah goes in on Monday morning for her presumably last appointment with Dr. Aaberg where he will do an exam to check on the progress of that tumor, and also more cryotherapy (freezing treatment) and maybe one more dose of chemo in that eye.  These are the worst weeks we go through with Sarah, as she is always in quite a bit of pain for a long while afterward.  Please pray that it won't be so bad for her this time.  Then on Wednesday she has an MRI, and on Friday, the tumor board including all her doctors will meet to discuss what comes next.  Please be praying as this will be a busy week!


  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful! Sarah sure does know how to have a good time, huh? She smiles so big! I love that.

    I'll be praying as you head into a tough week. :(

  2. Thanks, Lori. Yes, Sarah's life is about having the best time she can possibly have. Even things that you wouldn't think are that great are the most awesome things to her. She laughs her head off! : ) And, thanks. I've been dreading this week, but feeling peaceful about it that it's the last time she needs this dumb treatment in her eye, at least as far as we know.