Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today's thoughts at the hospital

Today Sarah had an MRI.  It was uneventful as far as the scan went.  We went, she got her froggy hug, light on her finger and tubees drink (of sleepy juice) and went to sleep.  Got the scan but had no idea, woke up, had a snack and some apple juice, and we went home to play. 

While she was having the scan done, I had some time to myself.  So like I've done in the past, I went upstairs to the cafeteria and sat alone with coffee and a good book to pass the time.  I actually really like the cafeteria at the hospital.  Two entire walls are floor to ceiling windows.  There's something about the atmosphere in there that I like.  I love watching the people. 

But today for some reason-- maybe I was extra tired...or maybe it was the discouraging news about that stubborn tumor from the other day-- I had a really hard time as I was sitting there.  Probably the worst I've felt about this whole thing since the very beginning when we got the diagnosis.  In fact it felt a lot like I felt that first week all of a sudden, like a wave washing over me, and ironically I was sitting at the very same table I was sitting at when we first got the diagnosis and I called my mom to tell her about it.  I had the picture in my mind of Peter walking on the water keeping his eyes on Jesus, but then as soon as he he looked around he started sinking.  And that was how I felt.  Like I was starting to sink.  The feeling didn't last all day, thankfully.  I'm doing better now again. But as I was sitting there letting my mind begin to wander to what could possibly happen, I was also looking around the room.

So many people in that room, all ages and nationalities.  Rich, poor, professional health care workers, patients and families, college kids wiping tables.  And I thought about how short life is, and how short it really can be.  I thought about eternity, and I wondered how many of those people think about it.

I wonder if you have thought about it lately.  I don't mean to be morbid or depressing, but it is true that none of us will last forever.  We believe that Sarah is going to make it through this.  But I ask you today to think about your eternity.  It's too important not to think about.  And if you have questions, seek the answers.  The Bible says that if you seek, you will find. 

These are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His Name.  John 20:31


  1. I've been thinking a lot about eternity lately too. So many of the sermons and lessons I've heard lately have given me a greater burden for my lost and rebellious family & friends, neighbors, and countrymen. We as a people are so ignorant of our desperate need for God. If we could catch just a glimpse of what we deserve -- the penalty for sin that Jesus willingly paid in our place -- we'd be constantly lying prostrate in utter gratitude for God's great love and saving grace. Too many people are trusting in their church, a prayer or their own goodness, instead of in their relationship with God's Son! Many will say to God, "Lord, Lord, but I did all these things in Your name! I taught sunday school, I led singing, I served as a pastor/deacon, I helped my neighbor..." but He will say to them, "Depart from me, I never knew you." How tragic, when God has done everything He could to make hell avoidable.

  2. i think of eternity more often than most, i think. maybe not, i guess i could just feel that way. but not for a bad reason. with eli there waiting for us in heaven, i think about what it will be like to see him again, with his brand new body. and us with ours!! and we will get to be there forever, no more sad goodbyes, no more hurt and pain. no more sad tears!! oh how i long to see him again. i am so very thankful that through Christ and His sacrifice, i will be able to do so!! God Bless you and yours, Holly! love you!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I hope that God has continued to renew your peace and joy since you wrote this, and that you are resting in Him.