Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello faithful friends, family and guests.....

Well, we got back from the surgery center with Dr. Aaberg.  He did an exam under sedation and some cryotherapy (freezing treatment), but this time didn't do the shot of chemo.  Cassandra went with Sarah and me this time because she wanted to be there to hear the news about any progress with that VERY PESKY tumor. 

Turns out she shouldn't have been anxious to come. The bad news is, that tumor did not change.  AT ALL-  since the last time he did this about 4 weeks ago.  Oh, how discouraging and frustrating it is that this teeny little thing,  only about a millimeter across, is so stinking stubborn!

You know, it is at times like these that you wonder what God is doing.  I know with all of my heart and being that God is in complete control.  Friends who know Him, and those who don't, I can tell you from experience that He IS.  He is here...He is only good...and He is always loving.  It is the very definition of who He is.  My faith doesn't waver even for a second, and this kind of thing doesn't stop me from loving Him and knowing all of this.  Not anymore, anyway.  I've had my share of times when I couldn't say that I always 100% believed that, but I have seen Him come through so many times, not only in my own life, but in others' lives, that I simply can't help but know it. 

But I still wonder why, just like we all do when things like this come into our lives.  Why doesn't God just reach down and squash that tumor?  He took care of the huge one in a couple of weeks.  He took care of the other small ones in her good eye.  They are all dead and gone except for one measly stinker.  Ugh. : (

So, we continue to wait on Him, and trust Him, and trust that He is giving the doctors wisdom about what to do next.  The next thing on the schedule is an MRI on Wednesday, just to make sure that everything else in her eye sockets and brain still looks clear.  Then on Friday the tumor board meets to discuss all the recent results.  We will meet with Dr. Smith, Sarah's main dr. in charge of treatment soon to hear the main points of the discussion and their recommendations as to what's next.  And it looks like that is going to be a very high dose of chemo and her bone marrow transplant along with it, probably the second week of October or so.

There is some good news along with the sad news.  Dr. Aaberg is not surprised that this treatment is not working well, and I find that a little comforting at least.  The reason why the thing is so stubborn is because it is a seed that has broken off from the retina wall.  There is not good blood flow inside the eye, so there is no great way for the treatment to really penetrate that tumor.  He said that there is a good chance that the high dose of chemo she will be getting will take care of it.  He is discouraged, but not surprised and not despairing.  Also, Sarah is doing really well today!  The last two times she had this treatment, she had quite a bit of discomfort and pain, and this time she is already opening her eye and seeming fine.  That is a huge praise!

So, we press on.  I am really feeling now more than ever, the need to pray with fervency.  This tumor is strong, but God is waaaaaaay stronger.  I think my faith has been lulled to sleep a bit lately, and today was a wake up call for me.  Will you pray with us? 

Thank you so much for staying on this journey with us!  We love and appreciate you!!


  1. I will most definitely be praying, Holly!! That stinkin' tumor MUST go, in Jesus' name!!

  2. I am sorry your news wasn't what you hoped for. We will continue to pray.

  3. I know what you mean about finding comfort in hearing that the doctor isn't surprised. It helps you know that things are progressing (or not progressing) in the usual manner.

    I'll continue praying that God blows the doctor away the next time he sees Sarah.

  4. We will join you in praying for complete healing - and that God will continue to allow you to rest in Him and give you perseverance.

  5. yes I will keep praying! Sending you hugs for you and your sweet princess. Your faith reminds me of the guy's faith in...Bring the Rain.

  6. Holly,

    Coming over from Linny's blog to let you know that I am praying for your precious Sarah. May the Lord keep Sarah hidden under His wing, and may he restore her to perfect health, in Jesus name. Amen!