Saturday, November 6, 2010

There's no place like HOME!

FRIDAY WAS THE DAY!! After what our nurse said was probably the fastest discharge after a BMT at our hospital EVER, we were strapping our Sarah into her carseat and heading out of the parking lot on Friday afternoon. I looked over at Scott and said, "Wow, we are on the other side of the bone marrow transplant!" That's a pretty weird feeling after gearing up for it and being in the middle of it for what seems like such a long time. And it's a pretty great feeling too, let me tell you!

Sarah is doing great! She still is not eating as much or as many different things as she normally does, and we are trying to get her to drink more so she can get off fluids at night...but other than that, things seem pretty well back to normal with her! Isn't it amazing how God has made our bodies to bounce back after something so traumatic? Especially children? We are praising His Name. : )

Last night was my first night in my own wonderful bed, and I sure loved it. : ) And I slept in. And slept in some more. And I loved that too. : ) And then after I woke up, I lay there for quite a while, just relaxing and praying. Mmmmmmm... : ) Are you noticing a smiley face pattern in this post???

We all had a good day. You can tell Sarah is so comfy and happy here at home. There's just nothing like it, is there?

Here are some pictures of our reunion with the brothers at the Renucci House, and then when we got home.

 With Cassandra on her first day unattached from the machines, and she could go out of the room!
 We took a field trip with Rhys down to the security office to get Sarah her own doctor badge!
 Brothers came to the Renucci House and had a great time with their sister.  Happy reunion!
 They love her so much. : )
 Big hugs. : )
 We are home!!!!
 They laughed and played most of the day today.  Such precious kids I have. : )
 Ben loves to play  Sarah's favorite songs for her.  He figures them out himself!
 More silly fun with those brothers!
 This face says it all. : )

Praise the Lord.  He is so good.  All the glory goes to HIM!!!


  1. Yes - all the glory goes to HIM!! I am so thankful to see such wonderful pics!! You are so blessed through your dear children and family!

    Praise the Lord that Sarah and her Momma are home!!

    God is so good!
    Praising HIM for answered prayer!!

    (((HUGS TO YOU)))

  2. I'm SO happy Sarah is home and doing so well! That smile really does say it all. My gracious, that girl is resilient! God has mighty plans for that precious girly!!

  3. Welcome HOME! My sister, God has entrusted you with so much. His plans are good, even on the rough days. Still praying for your princess' healing!!

  4. Welcome home! We are so excited you are home. Praising HIM with you!!!

  5. Woohoo! Welcome home! What a beautiful family. Glad to see Sarah's beaming smile and all the kids together again! We are rejoicing with you!