Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home tomorrow!

I have got to get to bed, so I will make this very fast.  I will try to use fewer WORDS than usual, but that's hard for me because I really like words. : ) 

We moved over here to the Renucci House yesterday.  It's a place for families to stay here at the hospital that's like a hotel.  Our room is like a suite with a kitchen and a separate bedroom.  It's very nice.

Today Sarah had her first clinic appointment post transplant.  She normally loves the clinic, so I was disappointed that she was not very excited about it today.  She's still not totally back to normal, and that proved it.  She also wasn't super excited to see her brothers yesterday which broke my heart because they were so super excited to see her.  Josh had been keeping track of the days she was gone in a notebook, and had made a picture frame out of cardboard to put her picture on his desk.  They were all so happy to see her.  She did smile and play with them some, but yesterday she wouldn't even give Jacob a hug.  I felt so bad for him.  She just isn't feeling quite herself yet.  Today they came to visit again, and she did better.  Hugs all around. : )

The biggest problem we are having at this point is that she is not wanting to eat or drink very much.  Many things are not tasting the same to her, and she is having a lot of trouble with different textures in her mouth that never used to bother her.  I am praying this all passes soon! And worse, we are having a hard time getting her to drink more than 10 ounces a day.  It's frustrating because she still has to be on fluids at night, and now guess who gets to get up every very early morning to turn off the beeps?  I'll give you a hint.  There are no nurses living here or at our house...

But, even though things are not perfect yet, we are still PRAISING THE LORD that we are out of the hospital, on the road to full recovery, and going to our sparkling clean home tomorrow, along with my bed which has to be one of the comfiest in the world. : ) 

Oh, I wanted to mention that the big BMT cleaning day/week is done!  My wonderful hubby and Cassandra worked hard while I was at the hospital, and then duct cleaners and carpet cleaners came, and my dear neighbor friend and her precious daughter came and helped me deep clean yesterday.  It was actually fun, and I decided we really need to clean like that more often...

Hmmm...I think that was still too many words.  I was really trying to make it short this time. 

Blessings to you tonight!  Be thankful for your home.  You should never take it for granted. ; )


  1. yay for comfy beds and hugs all around!! oh and for clean houses , too!! wish mine was!! lol =)

  2. So excited fro both of you to "get HOME"!

    I love HOME!! Maybe that's why my blog is named - there's no place like home!

    Praise the Lord- your own bed! your own kitchen! your own bathroom! and your own family!!

    Praying that Sarah is back to her old self soon!

    God Bless your journey!

  3. So glad to hear that you are on the road to healing, that most of the toughest stuff is behind you, and that you are still praising God and loving life!

    Welcome home!