Saturday, August 31, 2013

Someone is a very happy camper...

Notice anything different about this little girl?


She needed an accessory to help her looks match her future medical profession, you know...

No, not really.  She really did need glasses!  Not long ago at her routine visit to Dr. Aaberg, we discovered that this girl can not see the letters on the chart.  Well, she can see the big E, and maybe one or two lines down, but that's about it.  So... the excitement around here was palpable as we went to another eye doctor for a more detailed exam and ordered the glasses...and waited for them to be made in the lab... and waited some more because someone made  a mistake and forgot to put in the order.  Every day she was asking me to call Mr. Don, the glasses man, and ask if they were ready!

Finally, the big day came!

We just think she looks positively adorable!  And Sarah is so, so happy to have glasses.  AND, they come with a CASE!  ;)  If you were here, the first thing she would say to you would be, "Do you like my glasses?" 
In case you are wondering, no, her need for glasses didn't have anything to do with her cancer treatments.  Even before she was diagnosed when we had her eyes checked, the doctor had told us she would need them someday.  Well, that day is now. 
And in other news...  we got the very last document we needed back from the government, so we are that much closer to getting this stack of paperwork off to China.  We are coming as fast as we can, sweet Corrie!


  1. SO adorable!! And so sophisticated! She'll be able to see so clearly to write her prescriptions now! ;)

    And so wonderful that your dossier is almost on its way to China! Hooray!!

  2. Thank you! I know...her handwriting was getting kind of bad...;)