Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick update...

Just a quick update since I've been leaving you hanging for so long...

Our summer in a nutshell:

The kids swam,
we did fundraisers,
and more fundraisers,
and cleaning up after fundraisers,
and we went to Family Camp.

That's about it. 

And we had a setback in our adoption process. :(  We had to do an update to our's a long story.  But, I am remembering that God already knew all about it, and He is not wringing His hands.  Just trusting and resting and knowing that He loves Corrie even more than we do.  His timing is always right, even when we can't imagine that it is. 

Sometimes He does really cool things like what happened the other day while we were at Family Camp.  One of the days, a couple and their grandchildren were visiting their niece and her husband who was preaching in the chapel that week.  This couple's daughter is a facebook friend of mine who has met and loves Corrie, and she became my online friend when she found out about us and our upcoming adoption.  Well, one of the granddaughters there had been with her parents in Corrie's baby home and had met her, too.  It was such a blessing to talk to someone about Corrie who has loved on her in person!  And it was fun sharing stories with the grandparents about our visits to China, since they had been there, too.  It's just so neat how God orchestrates things and puts people in other people's paths.  It was definitely the high-lite of my week!

So, we press on and wait for the government to move us to the next step in the process, and know that someday soon the ache in my heart when I see that precious girl's face will change to joy!

If you feel led to help us with our adoption expenses, you can go to this link.  Thanks so much...

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  1. Praying for you, Friend! I know about setbacks:) And you are so right about God's timing. I have been surprised how many times my thwarted plans have resulted in God's greater glory (and often my blessing as well). I will pray that you can rest where and when He moves you.

    Jude is in denial that he will have a different tutor this year:) He just loved your class so much! Hope you have a blessed school year--