Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Camp!

Remember I said that this summer we've been doing fundraisers and Family Camp?  Well, since I've already shared enough about fundraisers, I thought I'd post some pictures of Family Camp, too.  They are more interesting than fundraising pictures!   

 Duncan, the donkey, up close and personal :)
 Sarah's favorite thing--swimming!
 Got that ball in the hole!
 Critter catching...
 Target shooting
 Great shots!
So happy because she got to go on the high ropes course!
 Daddy helping when she got stuck
 She did so great!
 And the best part--the zip line!
 Sailing our cardboard ship!
 Of course, our nurse, Sarah, would find the crutches!
 Getting ready to go fishing on the back lake with Dad

 We had a blast!

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