Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last year....Bone marrow transplant. This year....Happiness!

Dear friends,

Wow, what a difference a year makes! 

I was thinking about writing a post today comparing last year to this.  I knew that sometime around now last year we were in the hospital where Sarah would endure the toughest part of her cancer journey--her high dose of chemo that necessitated her bone marrow transplant.  If you remember, we were in the hospital for three weeks (amazingly short compared to most children).  I looked back to check exactly when we went into the hospital, and it was exactly a year ago today!  One year ago, we were in the battle for our little girl's life, hoping and praying that this would be the final treatment that would kick the cancer.  And it was. : )

We are so thankful.  So grateful.  I wish I had a much greater vocabulary to express the gratitude we God, to our friends and family who prayed and helped, and to the doctors and nurses.  Even now from time to time, something will bring it to mind, and I will have this strong urge to write another thank-you note to the staff...bake them cookies...I don't know.  Do ANYTHING to let them know how much they meant to us and still do.  They truly did become like family to us, and Sarah and I still miss them! 

So, here is a little trip down Memory Lane again. Sarah always loves to go back and look at her "hospital pictures." Maybe you would like to see them too!  (And if you would like to go back and read the whole story, just click the word "cancer" in the topics list on the right side of the page.)

Her favorite "Purple Spider."  She still loves him.

She still felt good for a while.

 Then she felt lousy.

 Feeling better

 Dr. Sarah writing out prescriptions ; )

 With Rhys, the Child Life specialist.  He is awesome!

This is blurry, but it is the day Sarah could leave her room.  We were so excited!

And a year later.....

O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever!  1 Chronicles 16:34


  1. YAyayayayay God!

    Yay Sarah!! She is beautiful!

    I am so happy for her, for you and for your family!

    We do not know what the future will bring for our little Abby but bone marrow transplant has been mentioned- we will see what her diagnosis really is and just follow our dear Lord's guidance!

    Praising HIM for another job well done!!

  2. beautiful beautiful post!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled for your fam and for Sarah!! She is such a smiley girl, and we love watching her grow! :) Praise the Lord she is doing well!

  3. Oh, my heart is just bursting with joy seeing those pics. What an amazing little girl.

    What an AMAZING GOD!!!

  4. What beautiful pictures, I love seeing Sarah so happy :)

    I just wanted to let you know good news that Alex (Sam) is now on his way home (the same boy that we prayed for in February), the news is in my post :) Our Lord is so good, halleluYah! :)