Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy birthday to me, and Happy Forever Family Day to Sarah!

Today is my birthday!  And while I admit, that is special and fun, and I am so happy that God blessed me with life, and in particular, MY life.....  I am more happy to announce that today is also our wonderful Sarah's Forever Family Day!  (Or "Gotcha Day") as some prefer to call it.  Two years ago today we met our daughter, and words really can't express the amazing blessing and privilege it is to adopt a child, unless you have adopted a child yourself.

My plea to you today is that you would consider what the Lord might have YOU to do when it comes to caring for orphans and widows--something very near and dear to God's heart.  Adoption seems like a huge step, but I really believe everyone should pray about it, and leave their hearts open to hear God's reply.  He MAY be tugging at your heart strings and asking you to do it!  Or, there are hundreds of ways to get involved in caring for orphans, locally and around the world.  Please don't go through life never doing anything to help.  You will miss out on the blessings!

This video is straight from my heart to yours.  I sang this song, From This Moment, by Shania Twain, at my cousin's wedding last month.  And as I was practicing it, it struck me how perfectly so much of it fit for an adoption-themed song.  And as I practiced it over and over, Sarah (and the boys) would all join in, and we would sing it sometimes at the tops of our lungs, dancing and dipping each other...(yep, get that picture in your head), and we had the best time.  And as a result, we all learned the song, and Sarah loves it, which makes it even more special.  : )

Enjoy these pictures of our first two years together with our sweet, funny, happy, spunky, marches-to-her-own-drum, girl............SARAH TING!  (aka Red Light, of course.)  And get ready for the best part at the very end.  : )

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  1. Happy Birthday, Holly, I hope you have a blessed day! :)