Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let us pray...

Tonight  I just need to say that I am weary!  I am tired from hearing of so many people, especially children, who are sick with serious things like cancer lately, and tired from all of the creation groanings going on in such a short period of time.  Earthquakes, the tsunami, tornadoes, destruction from this and that.  If these things don't all point to the fact that the Bible is true and Jesus is coming soon, I don't know what does!  Today I was in my car alone with God, listening to two different radio programs, and I found it interesting that both hosts said the same thing.  And I mean the exact same words!  All of these things that seem to be disasters going on around us have at least one positive thing that we can see.  They shout to us that LIFE IS FRAGILE.  They both used those three words.  And they pointed out that it takes these types of tragedies to make it sink into us sometimes that we all need to remember how fragile life really is.  Be ready, friends!
I am so thankful that the National Day of Prayer is going to happen this year as it always has in the past.  As I sat in the car today thinking and listening to the Lord, I felt Him telling me that what is really important right now is PRAYER.  I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ukraine on a missions trip when I was in college.  It was in 1993, and the wall had  recently fallen, leaving those believers free to worship as they chose.  I could not believe my eyes and ears as I worshiped with those precious brothers and sisters in Christ, packed like sardines in the church with many more worshiping outside.  They sang and prayed and cried out to God like I had never seen.  And when they spoke to you about Jesus, tears would stream down their faces, or their eyes would light up with joy.  They would not dream of placing a Bible on the floor.  I remember thinking that if they came to America, they would be shocked at our brand of Christianity.  I am ashamed at the small amount of time I really spend on my knees in fervent prayer to Him for our broken world. I honestly don't think I am that different from most American Christians today, although I do hope I'm wrong.  How would things be different if we would ALL devote our entire lives to Him and really pray every day?!

I am looking at these sad happenings around us as my wake up call to pray, pray, pray while there is still time.  Let's pray for our families, our children, our nation, and our lost world, because life is so fragile!  And I just know that Jesus is coming soon!

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