Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two precious treasures...

I normally use my blog to share something about my life.  But today I want to share about two different lives.  Two precious little angels who both need a mommy and daddy like every child does.


Last year, our Cassandra went to China.  She spent six months over there pouring her life into the lives of some very special babies.  These babies live in The Morning Star Children's Home, run by a family and nannies dedicated to taking care of babies who are in need of some special medical help.  The link to their website is on the side of my page, or you can access it HERE.

Well, Cassandra loves all babies, especially orphans, but she certainly fell in love with the babies in the home. 

And most of all, she fell in love with Corrie.

I can honestly say that Cassandra talked about Corrie (and still does a year later) with almost reverent tones.  She just loves that little girl with all her heart.  She can't even mention her name without smiling, saying how much she misses her,  how much she longs to see her again, and how she would adopt her if she possibly could.  All the babies she worked with are adorable and sweet.  Corrie does not seem to stand out in the pictures, and she has many special needs.  But Cassandra insists that there is something so special about her.  She said that Corrie charms everyone who comes to visit, and many of them claim her as their favorite. 

And now, Corrie has the possibility of finding a family of her very own!  Her orphanage is working on her paperwork to release to adoption agencies!  It is exciting, and I am so certain that God is going to bring the perfect family to this sweet angel.  Could it possibly be you?  Or maybe someone you know? 

HERE is the link to the post her "mommy" in China wrote about her.  If you cannot adopt her, please pray that she finds her family soon!

 Cassandra and her precious Corrie

 I love this picture of her and her "daddy"

 Another one of my favorite pictures of her.  Looking so stylin', ready to shop!

 With all her friends!  (Pretty in pink back there)  : )

Sweet Corrie : )

And next, meet Vanya.

I can't write as much about him, because I don't know as much.  But, a fellow blog friend, Adeye, is doing an awesome thing for this sweet boy who so desperately needs a family.

As I write this, there is not a family committed to bringing him home.  But Adeye felt the Lord leading her to do something for him to help change that!  She is having an amazing fundraiser over at her blog site, raising funds for his adoption.  And, there is a cool give-away you can get in on too as a bonus!  Already in the short time she has had it running, she has raised over $15,000!  That was her goal...but the adoption expenses will top that figure.  Please go over there and check out how you can get involved.  I was so excited to be part of something so close to God's heart!  Here is the LINK.

Dear friends, I believe with all my heart that caring for orphans is one of the most important things we can do while we have time here on earth.  I hope you will pray about what God would have YOU to do to help a precious little boy or girl today.


  1. Praying with you for precious Corrie!

  2. Hi Holly,

    Could you please send me your e-mail won something in the giveaway....awesome!

    Thanks so much.