Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

He Lives!  He Lives!  Christ Jesus lives today!! 

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Resurrection Day!  Just knowing Christ has defeated death makes it a wonderful day, because He has power over anything we may be going through.  Praise His Name!!

And here is our weekend in pictures, in case you would like to peek...

 Cassandra making Sarah's egg into Humpty Dumpty--next to Itsy Bitsy Spider and the mouse who ran up the clock, he is her main man!

Humpty had a sad face and a happy face...and Sarah thought he was just grand.  She especially got a kick out of the crack on his head.  : )

Ben showcasing some of the masterpieces.

Then, after a wonderful morning worshiping at church, it was picture time.  The boys do not enjoy picture time unless it's pictures like this...

 Not sure what this was about...

 My handsome boys. : )

 Sarah's gorgeous Easter dress came with a matching one for a doll, which Grandma supplied for her.   : )

Aren't my girls beautiful?! 

The whole crew

Here's all of us!

Then of course it was egg hunt time.  We finally had a nice day after so many cold and rainy ones.  Thank you, Lord!  This year was nice because Jacob wanted to hide the eggs.'s nice having big kids.

Cute Sarah, even from the back...

And we ended the evening with the Easter story told with Resurrection Eggs.  A family tradition. : )

Happy Easter from us to you!! 

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