Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today is Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day to me! (and you...)  I am so thankful that God granted me the privilege of having children.  I hope you enjoyed the day if you are a mom.  If you are a dad, daughter or son, I hope you spoiled that mom in your life.

But I'm not going to talk about moms today.  I'm going to talk about sons.  One son, actually.  My sweet little guy, Benjamin, who is really not so little anymore.  He just turned seven last week, and I just want to tell you about him.

By the way, this is a ball pit cake.  The balls are dippin' dots, and there is a little lego guy with Ben's face on it in there, and there is a mesh net around those wooden dowels.  It was a great cake, created by my talented hubby!

Ben was our youngest for 5 years, so he had to put up with lots of extra hugs and kisses from me for a long time.  I tried not to baby him, or smother him with smooches, but the kid is CUTE, kissable and huggable.  And I am a sucker for a cute little boy, especially when that little boy happens to be my own kid.  Well, he did get tired of being the baby around the house, and he was more than happy to give up the title when Sarah came to join us.  However, as much as he says he doesn't like hugs and kisses, he is not shy to hand them over himself when he is in the mood. : )

One of my favorite things about Ben is that his little mind is always going, and the things it comes up with are...unique, let's just say.  Who wouldn't love a kid who says things like this: 

"Texas is a lot different than it used to be.  It used to have all not good houses, and mostly all beer stores.  Now, the houses are much nicer and painted, and they don't sell so much beer and cigarettes.  And it used to be all it's more like Florida."  : ) 

Ben is very friendly!  He is shy around adults when he first meets them, but when we go anywhere where there will be kids, the first thing he says is, "I hope I meet a friend!"  And most likely he will. And he's a talker.  He carries his end of a conversation with adults he knows like he's 17 instead of 7. 

Ben is Funny!  He loves to be goofy and silly, and has a great sense of humor.  He has always kept us laughing.  

He is fearless!  Yesterday he was telling me how he wished he had a parachute.  Not to bounce balls on and hide under with other kids, but to actually jump down from the clubhouse with.  Yeah...  When he was about 4 years old, we were at open gym time at the gymnastics place near our house, and he was the only one out of all of my boys to do front flips into the big, squishy foam blocks pit.  He is in a gymnastics class now, and the teacher is amazed at how he will try anything.  His dream is to do a back handspring, and he is almost there.  Here he is doing back flips on our trampoline...

and jumping into the pond (or ocean...)

and doing stunts like the big kids...

And he loves a great "adventure in the woods," as he tells me.  He loves spending time up at the camp his uncle runs, catching frogs in the creek and helping his brothers and cousins build forts.

Here he is at camp, coming back from one of his adventures...with a stick, of course.

Let's see...and I can't do a post about Ben without mentioning his dream of someday moving out to the "prairie, in Texas" with a couple of horses.  He always used to say they would be named Prairie and Texas.  But then he said he would have one horse named Saturn.  Anyway, to the prairie he will go.  Whether I like it or not, I guess.

And so, here he is practicing for that day...

Ben is a delight to my heart.  He is all boy, through and through, and you will doubtless find him at any time playing with toy vehicles of some kind or other and making sound effects as they shoot and crash and whatever else goes on in that imagination of his.  Or he will be building with legos or riding his bike, or having Nerf wars

or doing flips and more flips--on the trampoline, the couch, or wherever he possibly can.  Or he might be playing baseball with his team...

I am so in love with that little boy.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mom.

And his daddy feels the same way...

We love you, Ben.  We might have to move out to Texas too, if that's where you're going.  But I think I might name my horse Daisy...   Have a wonderful year being 7, sweet boy!

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  1. Aww!! He is getting so grown up! I remember when I first started babysitting for you guys and he had to be only about 3 years old or something! Crazy!