Monday, August 16, 2010

What to write...What to write...

I don't like to go too long between posting things. I have lots running around in my mind, but sometimes it doesn't feel like the right time to write it yet. So, I decided that now and then I would just share some of the cute things my kids have said over the years that make me smile. I think you'll like them too. If you have kids, don't you agree with me that they are the biggest blessing in the universe?? The Bible tells us straight out that children are a blessing and a reward. Some don't see it that way for some reason, but I don't get it because they just give me so much JOY!

Jacob age 9--(Talking about our dog, Samson) "He's stinky. He smells like chicken-n-dumplings. In a stinky way.

Ben age 3--(After I took a shower) "Mommy, why did you put your towel off? Your hair looks- um, um, um- not the same as- um, um- your same hair."

Ben age 4--"Are your brains squishy, or not?"

Jacob age 9--(Ben did a page in his workbook and I gave him a sticker.) "Ben, you're lucky you have me for a big brother, because I'm gonna give you an A+!" (And he wrote A+'s on his pages with smiley faces.) : )

Ben age 5 1/2--"I have manly hair. (on his arms.) I can't believe how much manly hair I have."

Ben age 3 or 4--(He really wanted a baby stroller and pacifier and Daddy kept saying no...) "Dear Jesus, Thank you that I took a nap, and please help me to be good and to not have a bad attitude, and please help us to get to heaven quickly because I think there's a baby pacifier and stroller there. In Jesus Name, Amen." (Daddy did give in, by the way.)

And about Sarah...she is doing great! Today she smiled and laughed at everything all day. Even at things that are not in the least bit funny. You would never ever know that little girl just had chemotherapy. God is blessing her so much.

That just reminded me of something. When we started this whole cancer thing, I felt like God gave me a picture in my mind. I envisioned us all on a boat floating on tumultuous seas. But as the waters were raging in the storm under the boat, we inside it were just skimming across the waters not feeling a thing. I felt like God was saying that that was what He was going to do for us. Hold us up so we would barely feel the storm. He certainly is doing that for us, and especially for our Sarah who is blissfully unaware that anything is wrong with her. Praise His Name!


  1. LOL!!!! I love the kids quotes!!! way too cute!

  2. I love the quotes! Especially the pacifier and stroller one!