Monday, August 30, 2010

Here are some cute quotes after yesterday's little attack on the television

I am taking a quick break from cleaning as I work to get stuff done before our hospital stay tomorrow-Wednesday.  I came across my little notebook I write down kid quotes in and thought I'd share a few more...

Josh age 6--"How do babies get there?  Does God just open up your tummy when you're sleeping and pop-em in?"

Jacob age 7--When he was getting proficient at reading-- "Yep, I know how to read.  Now all I have to learn is how to go underwater, and then all my learning will be complete."

Josh age 5--Scott's back was hurting and he said, "Why?  Do you have a crap in there?"  (Cramp!)

Jacob age 7--I didn't know that when I drink water it makes me stronger.  Kinda like my transformer cyber key."

Ben age 2 1/2--I was telling him he could play outside and he said, "Yeah, man!  Dude, you're good!"  with a big thumbs up. ; )


  1. That's a great idea, and since Jakob hasn't really started talking much yet, it's not too late for us to start!

  2. Jeff, honestly I am so glad I've done it!