Friday, August 20, 2010

Grumpy but good

You know how when you are really really tired and worn out, the bad things seem to be worse? Well, I am really really tired and worn out today. And weary. So, since I don't feel worn out and grumpy very often, I thought I would write a grumpy sort of post today. Here you go...

It bugs me when Christians seem to be so comfy in this world.

I hate it when my kids complain about school when really getting a good education is a priceless gift.

It annoys me when I constantly have to wash towels.

I hate seeing pictures of orphans that need homes, and I can do nothing about it, and it seems like no one else is either.

I am tired of our house always being cluttered.

I am running out of things to complain about...

I don't feel like making dinner.

This is getting annoying. Really, I am thankful for my washing machine and towels, my house even though it is cluttered, and that I can teach my kids at home, bad attitude or not. Thankful that I have the ability to make dinner and food to eat, and thankful that God is in control of everything including making sure the orphans are cared for. And what other Christians do is none of my business.

That feels so much better. : )

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