Friday, August 13, 2010

Things I would tell Sarah's mother

Before I get into my post today, I will let everyone know that Sarah is doing great! She is recovered from her surgery/laser treatments, and opened her eyes last Monday. She had her final regular round of chemo last weekend and flew through it like nothing happened. She is one amazing little girl...

My heart is completely overflowing with love for our precious Sarah. Our whole family is just completely smitten by this little pixie who arrived in our lives last October and brightened our world with her smile. I remember God whispering to me that He would bless us with this girl. Oh, what a blessing she is.

The only thing that blocks my joy from being complete is knowing that our precious Sarah has another family out there. Somewhere in China she has another mother who loved her and no doubt thinks of her still. We can only guess at why she chose to say good-bye to her two month old baby, but with all of my heart I wish that I could talk to her today. There are so many things I would like to tell her. Here are some of them...

I would love to tell her that Sarah is happy. She loves to laugh! Her whole face fills up with her smile, and her eyes squint into little crescent moons.

She loves to go "higher!" on the swings, and flip upside down, and ride up high on shoulders, and pretend like she's flying, and get tossed on the bed.

She loves her brothers because they all like to be silly with her and make her laugh.

She loves her big sister because her big sister thinks the world of her and tries to spoil her rotten if we let her.

She loves to read books and sing songs with Mommy. She really really loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider. It was the first song I sang to her in China that made her laugh really hard, and it is still her favorite. She talks about spiders, wants us to draw pictures of spiders, and even carries a little spider puzzle piece around with her. She talks about kissing spiders and cuddling spiders!

She is so tenderhearted. She loves her stuffed animals, and hugs and cuddles and kisses them every day. She is learning again what a mommy does, and she is a good mommy to her "babies." When she thinks someone is crying she wants to hug them and give them a kiss.

She is friendly! She says, "Hi, people!" and "Hi, baby!" or "Hi, boy!" When someone is leaving, she says, "Have fun! Nice day! Next time!" (Have a nice day...See you next time...)

She is strong. Able to adapt to new situations. When we first got her, she accepted her new life amazingly well, and bonded with her new parents so easily and happily. After her first week in the hospital when it was obviously scary, she adapted quickly, and then embraced her new normal...she just accepts things as they are with joy.

She is a favorite with the nurses, doctors, even the housekeepers...I wish I could tell her mother how everyone loves her so.

She is smart. She doesn't miss a thing. She watches closely and remembers. When she couldn't see for that week, I brought her a shapes puzzle with four shapes, each a different color. She hadn't seen the puzzle in a really long time. She could tell what the shapes were by feeling them, and she remembered what color each of them were.

She has the cutest voice. Everyone loves to hear her talk and sing! She is so musically inclined. She loves the piano especially.

She is obedient and quick to learn to behave. When she gets in trouble, she says "I'm sorry Mommy," without being told.

We are so honored to have been given the privilege of raising this priceless treasure. I look at her and try to picture her mother. She must be a special lady. How I wish I could tell her that her daughter is safe and well, and receiving some of the best medical care available in our country.

I would tell her that her daughter is so very very cherished.

We are doing our very best to be the best parents we can be and thanking our great God for every day we have with our sweet Sarah.


  1. I too often think about what I would say to Talent's birthmother. I too look at him and think maybe he looks like her. I will post on this too someday soon.

  2. Beautiful post. Congratulations on finishing chemo.

    Continuing to pray.

  3. aaww...what a nice post holly!! and what a blessing you guys have been to sarah as well!! she is blessed to have so many people who love her!! =) <3

  4. Holly, your words bring tears to my eyes. This is so special. What a treasure you all are to each other! I hope many birthmothers will find peace and healing through your words here.