Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Friday June 4, 2010...I posted this on facebook:

This morning Sarah had a spinal tap, bone marrow test, and a broviac put in her chest which goes into a vein so that she won't have to have pokes when she gets chemo and such. They did two tests on her spinal fluid and two on the bone marrow, but we only have the results of one of each. Both of them are good!! Praise the Lord! We are very anxious to get those next test results. Sarah is starting chemo tonight. I am pretty nervous about this mainly because if anyone knows me, they know I am a germ freak much of the time as it is. Now I am afraid I will be even more panicky about them! Praying for peace in all of this. The drs. say that most small children do really well with the chemo. They say that most don't have much trouble with nausea and vomiting, and feel well enough to play. They are so positive and helpful here. She will be having cycles of chemo every few weeks on and off for about 6 months...at least that is the plan for now. Hopefully we will be done by Christmas! Since Sarah's situation is different with the cancer being in her eyes, they want to try to save her good eye, and also not give her the types of chemo that affect hearing, in case she has to lose both eyes. They are also trying to avoid giving her radiation since it has more of a chance of upping her chance of recurrence of cancer later. So, these are all things to pray about. All in all, God is being very good to us. Sarah is comfortable and happy most of the time, and we are having so much time just enjoying her-- Something that is sometimes hard to find time for in our busy lives at home. The boys are enjoying their vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's. : ) We are blown away by the prayers and support that you are all surrounding us with. Thank you so much! We will know more what kind of specific help we might need when we get home in about two weeks. The nurses all treat Sarah like the little princess she is here. She gets watches and bracelets to wear, and those fun name-tags that clip to the nurses' uniforms--if Sarah wants to wear one of those, she gets it. : ) There are Little Tykes cars and wagons to ride around the halls in, and Sarah's favorite is the "stroller ride." (Don't tell her it's a wheel chair.) ; ) The play room is fun too. Tonight, Sarah's dinner was sloppy joe, fries, and cherry pie. She ate a few fries, and about half of her sloppy joe meat (not the bread though), and told Daddy she was done. Then I came in with my dinner I had purchased downstairs in the cafeteria. I had a huge helping of broccoli, carrots and cauiflower. When Sarah saw it she got all happy and yelled, "vegetables!" and ate almost all of them. That's my girl. Scarf down those cancer fighters! So, God is getting us through this one day at a time. Thank you all for your prayers!!!!

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