Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy birthday, Sarah!

Oh, yes she is!! Our little girl is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!

Sarah Ting (aka Spider, Clinic, or Red Light, depending on the day) is.... spunky... joyful....make that--EXUBERANT...  And just plain FUN!  Not to mention cute as a button, funny, smart, and becoming more polite, thoughtful and encouraging by the day.  Some of her favorite phrases are, "Don't worry, you can do it!" when someone is frustrated;  and, "It's okay, Mom,"  when something is upsetting me.  And if you do something silly like accidentally spill your milk, she will definitely let you know that it is okay!

I can barely type this post without my heart bursting with happiness and gratefulness that she is our daughter, and she is here with us still.  Thank You, Jesus, for healing our Sarah and allowing us the amazing privilege of parenting this special girl who lights up the room with her smile wherever she is.  Tonight I said jokingly to my hubby, "If there were more Sarahs out there, could we have another one?"  And he said, "No, because that would just be too selfish of us!"

So, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of our little party the other day.  She had a lot of fun. Well, of course she did!  : )

 Hello Kitty!

 Cake created by my own talented hubby.  Our own cake boss!

 Excited birthday girl!

 Enjoying listening to her most adoring fans singing to her : )

 Make a wish, sweet treasure! : )

Great job!

 She got lots of presents, but I think her favorite thing was her Hello Kitty band-aids!

 Double happiness!!!

 The whole crew sitting at her awesome new table and chairs!

 Beautiful sisters

 The moment Sarah has been waiting for for a long time...Her first piece of gum!  This special treat is reserved in our house for when you turn FOUR!

 Thinking about it...

 It's hard gum...

 She likes it!

 Having fun with the birthday gifts!

Everybody have some!  It is a birthday party after all!  : )

Happy birthday, Sarah.  You help make our lives so much fun!!


  1. mom, elise, and I flipped through these pictures on facebook the other day, you should have heard the chorus of "awes" :) She such a precious little girl!

  2. Oh, Holly! I can't get over what a blessing your little Sarah is to you! It just fills my heart with joy every time I see her sweet little smiling face! God has done some MIGHTY things in her four short years of life!

    And her haircut is DARLING!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah! She is so beautiful! I know you are enjoying having little girly parties.

  4. Happy birthday Sarah! What a cute cake, very talented husband. We too waited till our girls were older before they got gum. Looks like everyone had fun. Trish

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

    God Bless you sweet girl!!

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!!