Monday, January 9, 2012

Sarah's birthday--Part 2....GUM!

I don't know exactly what it is, but our children love gum.  Maybe all children are the same, I don't know, but our kids....From the time they know what gum is, they want it, and they want it badly. 

It was the same with Sarah.  Sweet little thing, almost two years old when she came home--as soon as she started noticing her big brothers chomping away, she knew that that substance had to be good, and she definitely wanted some. 

And so it began. 

"Mommy, can I have gum?"

"You can when you are four!"

And pretty much every time the boys had some, she would always ask....  "Can I have some?"  Smart cookie...she knows that parents have been known to crack from time to time.  But in this case the answer was always without fail....."When you are FOUR, sweet, darling girl." 

And that's our little tradition in our home.  The kids just have to wait for the sticky goodness of gum until they are four.  And it makes it so much fun as the happy day is approaching.  They just can't wait to be four!  And Sarah, who gets excited over things like getting to help stir the scrambled eggs...well, you can just imagine the excitement she was feeling over this monumental occasion rapidly coming upon her.

So, on her birthday, at her party, she had her first taste, and you can see her reaction from the pictures in the last post.  But, the really fun part of the tradition, is that we take the kids to the store, and let them pick out their own pack of gum.  ANY one they want.  I know, the excitement is almost too much to take, but that is exactly what we do.  I remember only too well the kind that Josh picked when he was four.  Skittles gum.  I don't remember ever seeing it again since then, so I'm not sure that little gem of a product made the final cut in the gum brand battles, but I certainly do remember it clearly.  Gum that looks and tastes like Skittles.  Tiny, little pieces.  I'm not sure how he didn't get the concept of disposing of it in the trash can, but he kept spitting it out in the basement.  Behind the TV especially.  Good times.

So, it was Sarah's big day, (Well, the day after her birthday, because in classic Holly fashion, I just couldn't get everything together on the exact day it was supposed to happen) and off we went to R*te Aid. 

 Looking for the gum section with Josh, one of the best big brothers in the world...

 So many choices!

 Do you want the orange one?

 No, the yellow one!!!

GUM!!  (She takes after her grandma, by the way, with that pick.) 

Even got her own little bag. : ) 

And there you have it!  Sarah's trip to get her birthday gum!   Aren't you glad you stopped by my little blog today? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! Grace is an absolute gum fanatic...I've honestly never seen anything like it!

    Sarah is ADORABLE!!!!