Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas celebration

We had a wonderful Christmas!  Unfortunately, Hubby's dad is having cancer treatments in a hospital on the other side of the state, and was still not feeling well, so we could not be with them like we usually are on Christmas day, but we enjoyed the day just with our little family.  Here is a little taste of some of what we did this Christmas season...

 We had a little get together with our friends.  Josh put together a talent show...Sarah sang and danced one of her favorite Barney songs. 

 Ben did some gymnastics...

  They were all fantastic, of course!

 Then we played some fun games!  My creative hubby made up some of them like this "How many noses can you get in the bowl" game. : )

 We went and looked at lights.  This street had a programmed lights and music show.  Fourteen houses all participated!  One of the largest residential shows in the country!

 We decorated graham cracker houses.  Well, this is Sarah's "clinic."  She thought it was hilarious
 that Josh made a dog house right next to the clinic for her. : )

 And of course, Jacob, realizing that peace on earth still only reins in our hearts, created this battlefield complete with cannons and towers.

 We decorated cookies!  This is actually painting with frosting.  It was fun!

 The kids opened their gifts to each other on Christmas Eve.  Cassandra got these color-sorted skittles from Ben.  Just right for her OCD. : )

 We went to church on Christmas morning!  Christmas hardly ever happens on a Sunday, so that was a special treat.

 After church, the kids all got back in their jammies. : )  Jacob read the Christmas story this year.

 And of course we opened presents. : )

 Sarah loved her new "I-Pad," just like Grandma's. : )

 Our tool man loved his new tool box!

And of course all the boys loved their new video games.  Ugh. 

We had a merry Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth.  I hope you did too! 
(And if you didn't watch that adorable video I posted last time, you should really go watch it!)


  1. What a fun, fun, FUN Christmas!! All those happy faces...precious! And I swear that Sarah and Cassandra have the SAME smile. :) Love that!

    Blessings to you, friend!!

  2. What a wonderful time of celebration. Loved all the pictures! Are you making a blog book for 2011? I use blog2print and love it. I made one of Talent's adoption trip and one of 2010. Happy New Year!