Monday, June 20, 2011

We love Dad!!

Yesterday was a special day.  Yes, it was Father's Day, and it was my hubby's birthday!!

I interviewed all the kids and put their answers in a big card.  Here are some high-lites:

If I could get or do anything for Dad for Father's Day, it would be...  "a 71" flat screen LCD TV."  --Jacob

Dad's a great dad because...  "he wrestles with us, and he lets me mow the lawn."  --Josh

Dad is funny when he...  "is around Uncle Greg."  --Cassandra   (They are brothers, and she is right.  They are something else when they get together.)

Dad's a great dad because...  "he buys us, like, the Wii, and he lets us go in the pool, and he swims in the pool with us, and he made us our log cabin room."  --Ben

If I could get or do anything for Dad for Father's Day, it would be...  "a phone, and a briefcase." --Ben

Dad's a great dad because... "he's great because he's great!"  --Sarah

What do you like to do with Daddy?  "I like to Dad tickle me." --Sarah

When is Daddy funny?  "That's so crazy, Daddy.  He's crazy."  --Sarah

What would you like to get Daddy for a present?  "Hmmmm,  hmmmmm,  how 'bout a present?"

What kind of present?  "A purple present."

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband!  A man who loves the Lord and strives to live for Him.. Who makes me laugh...Who can work on the engine, paint a picture, plant a garden, fix stuff that breaks, program a computer, teach science, and bake a cake!  One who prays with our kids and plays with our kids, and teaches our boys what it means to be a man.  Happy birthday and Father's Day, Man of Mine.  I love you!!!

 He's great at Nerf fights...even though he kind of cheats...

 He makes cool stuff like working, hospital  "light fingers!"

 He doesn't mind a rubber band fight--3 against one.

 He's a great story teller.

 He knows how to program robots!

 He's great at wrestling.

 Don't ask. ; )

 He makes stuff with us.

 He's good at snuggling.

 He spends time with us.

 He plays video games.

 He teaches us how to plant things,

 And use our hands to make things...

 He plays with us.

And swims with us.

And lets us help.

We love you, Dad!!!

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