Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear friends,

Today we had a typical school day, the kids played outside, I did laundry, Sarah jumped on the trampoline, we ate left-overs........

In short, we had a very normal day.  And a really beautiful one, I might add.

But to our family, June 1 will forever be etched in our memories.  One year ago this evening, we were told that Sarah had cancer, and our world seemed to stop spinning.  My mind continally goes back to these days just last year.  Beginning a few days earlier, Sarah had started crying a lot.  By June 1, she was absolutely miserable.  I remember her lying on the couch, just sobbing nonstop.  When she wasn't crying, she was sleeping.  I had never seen anything like it.  I guess her body would just shut down, and she slept for hours, only waking to cry again.  So, we knew we had to take her in for that cat scan the doctor had said she would need, even though we had planned on taking her later in the week.  The doctor was thinking they would find that the problem was glaucoma, or something like that.  We were shocked when the diagnosis was cancer.  And not only in the one eye where it was quite visible, but there were tiny tumors in her good eye as well.

The large tumor was growing so quickly.  Day by day we would watch it changing, and within just a few days that eye that had been tiny and blind had grown so much, it looked downright scary to me.  The tumor filled up her entire eyeball.

And that was the beginning of our cancer journey.  You can read the whole story over on the right if you haven't been with me long.  Just scroll down in the archives to the very beginning--June 2010.  It's a good story.  A really good story!  God did AMAZING things for Sarah and for us!

Memorial Day weekend last year...

Memorial Day weekend this year!



First days in the hospital...

Not in the hospital anymore! 

She was such a trooper.  We were amazed at how well she did.

 Playing at the park after her first round of chemo..

And loving life today.  : )

We are so thankful every day for our sweet and wonderful girl!  How blessed we are!  Thank you everyone who prayed for us during Sarah's cancer journey.  What Satan intended for evil, God intended for good, and we are rejoicing today. : ) 
Praise the Lord!


  1. OH.WOW. I can't believe the difference. Unbelievable! What a beautiful transformation through God's healing hand.

    Love it! God is so good!!

  2. What a testimony Sarah has! God has chosen her for "such a time as this". We are rejoicing with you! I'll say it again...Praise the Lord!

  3. So grateful for all that the Lord has done!