Monday, May 9, 2011

Sarah's eyes these days...

I speak English.  So do you!  ; )  Don't you wish there were MORE WORDS in the English language to express the range of emotions we human beings feel?  (And especially we human beings of the female variety...) 

I am speaking in particular today about the way I felt this morning when I took Sarah to her exam with Dr. Aaberg, and heard once again that there are STILL NO TUMORS growing in those beautiful eyes of hers.  Not one. 

Every few months she goes to get an exam, and every time I see Dr. Aaberg's smiling face and thumbs up sign coming toward me as I sit with my coffee in the waiting room, I feel exactly the same way.  Totally ELATED!  Today happened to be a perfect, sunny day as it was, and I couldn't help but sing praises to God all the way to the car..and all the way home.  I do sing quietly though, as to avoid being carried off to the looney bin...

Keep soaring, sweet girl!

On a more serious note, every time we get in the car to go for an exam, I think about what God has done for us, and praise Him for every single day we have had with our precious girl.  And then I prepare my heart for the exam, and commit her to him again.  Today as I was praying on the way to the appointment, telling Him that once again I trust Him, no matter the outcome of the exam, I felt that familiar peace wash over me.  He is always good, friends.  Today we rejoice again for the blessing of Sarah's good health.  But no matter what God brings into our lives, we can be sure that He loves us, and we just have to rest in Him, knowing that He always, always does or allows what is good for us.  

Squeeze your kids a little tighter today, and thank God for them!  They are such precious gifts to us!

Praise ye the LORD.  Oh give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good:  for His mercy endureth forever!!!  Psalm 106:1


  1. Beautiful post, so happy for the good news, praise the Lord :) I wish I can experience His 'familar peace' wash over me... especially over this difficult decision that I will have to make... could you pray for me that He will show me what He would like me to do? if that is no trouble to you. many thanks :)

  2. Susan, YES! I promise I will!

  3. I am SO happy that your precious little girly is still tumor-free. GOD IS SO GOOD!! It is amazing what he's done for her. Her story brings such glory to His name!

  4. YAY!! God is so good!!! Even if the Dr. HAD found tumors, God would still be good, but thankfully, the Dr. did not!!! For whatever reason, God saw fit to heal your little girl, and we just couldn't be happier about that!! <3 love you guys so much!!! :)

  5. CUTE pictures!!! I am so happy that she is doing well!!!!

  6. This is truly wonderful news!!