Monday, March 7, 2011

Our new normal...

This morning Sarah and I went to see Dr. Aaberg, the eye cancer specialist.  I was excited to take her, since she is doing so well, and her hair is growing, and she has her new eye.  She kept saying she was going to show Dr. Aaberg her "new, pretty eye."  : )  Here are some of the things we hear when we visit the surgery center on these appointment days...

"Is that Sarah?!  I would know that voice anywhere!"

"I am so happy to see you!"

"Sarah, did you know that when I see your name on the schedule for the day, it makes me happy?  You make me happy in my heart!"

"Sarah! I've missed you!!"

Now, if you got this kind of a welcome when you went to the doctor, wouldn't you want to go back there too?  : ) 

The staff at the surgery center see patients of all ages, and probably not too many children.  So, Sarah is really special to them.  Her picture was in the paper a few months back, and they clipped it and hung it up on their bulletin board.  Most of the nurses are grandma ages, so they just love to eat Sarah up.  We love all of them, too!

Sarah has to go back and get eye exams under sedation, now only every two months, to check and make sure everything is still free and clear in there.  And praise the Lord, everything IS!  Every time it's time to go in for one of these check-ups, I get a little nervous, and when he comes out and tells me all is well, it's almost like getting the good news all over again.  I feel like singing all the way home!  (And I do.  Loudly!) 

So now, we are settled into the "after cancer" routine.  Basically this routine is all about NOTHING cancer related. : )  No medicine, no tubees drinks, no being careful about not breaking the tubees, no spending all day at clinic appointments, no sponge baths (Splash away, baby!)  I honestly thought I would miss going to clinic somewhat.  But guess what?  I don't!  I do miss the nurses and staff sometimes.  You really do get attached to some people...but overall, life is just really good without cancer being in it.  We are so thankful, and I NEVER take normal life for granted anymore! 

Oh, in case you are wondering...even though the rest of us are completely content with medical thoughts not even on our radar most days, Sarah still continues to spend most of her time wearing her doctor suit, giving froggy hugs to people, putting on and taking off rubber gloves, and giving tubees drinks to her stuffed animals.  The girl has the medical field in her blood.  And she still talks about going to clinic just about every day.  Poor just isn't as fun as it used to be for her...; )

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