Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting Ready...

Here is the post I was planning on writing last time.  A lot less "meaningful," but a lot more pictures!

We decorated our house for Christmas last week.  I confess I am not a decorator.  Really not at all.  I am domestically challenged in many ways, and it's just not a big priority for me to have my house looking like a magazine picture (but I sure would love it if it did!)  But, our house looks so pretty at  Christmas time.  : )  I always hate to take down all the decorations.

Anyway, this year we are not allowed to have a real tree or a fire in the fireplace because of Sarah's post bone marrow transplant restrictions.  (Not really sure why, actually. No live plants at all, because of the possibility of mold, maybe?)  We were all pretty sad that we couldn't have a real tree because it's our family tradition to go and pick one out every year.  Even though we typically go to the local home improvement store to get one, still, it's fun.  : )  And we really didn't want to go out and spend money on a fake one that we would only use for one year.  But we do have a smallish, artificial pine tree up in the boys' camping-themed room.  So....that is our Christmas tree this year!  Seriously, it is MAYBE 6 feet tall, very thin and pretty spindly, and a far cry from our typical tall and chubby trees we get every year, but this Charlie Brown tree works!  It was kind of fun bringing it downstairs and decorating it.  

Sarah is LOVING the Christmas season.  She loves the lights, and the boys decorated their room up big time.  It's been dubbed "the Christmas Room."  Sarah runs in there and jumps and dances around yelling, "Christmas!!"  And then they put a strand of lights in her room too, and she yells, "Christmas!" in there too. : ) 

Enjoy some pictures.  I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season!

 Helping put up decorations...I guess the "headlight" helps?


 Getting it just right

 Sisters working together

 Hanging it right here. : )

 Hubby seriously wanted to use our "normal" angel on our little tree.  Yeah, that didnt' work.

 Hmmmm...What should I put on my Christmas list?

 Big brothers are the GREATEST!

 Mom, I can't pose for a picture right now.  I am still making my Christmas list.

 The boys and their Christmas Room

Fun, Fun!

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